What I learned at a Paul McCartny Concert!

For our 9th wedding anniversary my lover and I got to live it up and celebrate with my good friend Paul McCartney! I call him my good friend because I’ve known him forever! I listen to him as a wee little monkey! My parents were big fans so as a child that simply translates to being a fan yourself!

As I was there I was overwhelmed with the spirit of the evening and was struck upside the head with the life lessons I was learning all around me! SO sit back and enjoy a few lessons learned while soaking in Paul…

  • Age means nothing when listening to a legend! Paul McCartney is no spring chicken but does he draw in the chicks of all ages? YES! The crowd was filled to the brim with grandparents, parental fingers, couple like me, teenagers, tweens and even hand holding little kids! It was a family affair for sure! I was at times more captivated with the audience then I was with the performer! Inhibitions were non existent and 75 year old men were dancing in the aisles and I couldn’t stand it any longer! I leaped over the patio wall where I was spectating and joined in…me and my grandfather figure cutting a rug, carefree and loving it! Lesson Learned? Dance because you feel it so strongly inside you can’t control it!
  • My theory still stands! It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like or the number of gold records you have! If you are singing on stage I automatically love you and would consider running away with you! Paul is no exception! Lesson Learned? Watch out Mike!
  • I’m fully capable of suppressing my inner dork but on occasions such as this why? Lesson learned? Lovers who truly love you even when your inner dork is seeping out of every poor are worth holding onto and thoughts of running away with rock stars seem to lessen as the night goes on!

  • Amazing nights are only made more thrilling when shared with the ones you love!

  • Jumbo-tron screens make for great photo ops! Tacky? Not really! Once in a lifetime moments captured? BINGO!!!! Lesson Learned! A Beatle is a Beatle no matter what size!

  • Paul from a few hundred feet away on a VIP patios is pretty awesome! Paul from floor seats row 10 A-Ma-ZING!!!! Lesson learned? Swap tickets with a friend and smile at security!

  • Really it all comes down to this….Give peace a chance! Lesson learned? A six minute song can solve a world of problems!
  • Paul felt the connection too! This is him sending me a personal thank you hug for making the night worth all his sweat! Lesson learned? I’m a wanted woman by rock legends so I just get used to it!! wink wink!

  • Cute they may be but not the best dancing shoes! Lesson learned? If you go to a concert where you know you are going to cut lose and care less…wear dancing shoes and not peek a boo wedges! Blisters are not the souvenirs of choice!

  • and lastly….I’m convinced if there is one more baby in the heavens waiting to join this family that a Beatles inspired name is in order!There are way to many to chose from and this little number inspires joy, youth and smiles! My SIL is considering this name and I am on board! Do it you guys! Maybe we’ll add a Penny or a Lucy to the mix! Hey Jude! I HEART you!!! Lesson Learned? Beatles rock my baby name list making! Fingers crossed I may someday get to use it!
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    You certainly learned a lot from this concert. I too am a fan of Paul as I was of all the other Beatles. My husband took me to a Paul McCartny and Wings concert wayyy back it was memorable Linda was still alive then and played in the band, I will never forget when he sat down at the piano and sang The Long and Winding Road I still get goose bumps, he is such a talented guy and never ceases to amaze me when he appears on T.V singing in some concert or other. Where does he get his energy from?

  2. 2
    2littlehooligans says:

    great post! my sil just had a Lucy!!! isn't that funny!

  3. 3
    Me and My Boys says:

    I Love it! Our little boy's name is Beatles inspired. If he was a girl we were going to name her Abbey Road. and Jude was going to be our next boy name, but for now we are expecting a girl and Eleanor is top on our list. Thanks for sharing! Love the pics,We are all a little crazy for the Beatles around here.
    p.s. if you haven't heard the conspiracy about that "Paul" not being really "Paul" because he died back in the 60's and was replaced by a man named Billy Shears, you should totally check it out, it will give a whole new meaning to a lot of the songs, as well as many of the CD covers! Have fun!
    p.s.s sorry about the long comment :(

  4. 4
    Chic Creations says:

    Cute post about Sir Paul's SLC concert. I was there also. I am an "old" Beatle rocker. Love your blog. Follow all the time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. 5

    What a wonderful celebration! I have been a Paul McCartney fan all my life and would give anything to see him in concert.

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. LA

  6. 6

    Love your new layout! Looks great! You are one lucky girl! BTW, do you have link to your 30 days blog? I was trying to find it and can't.

  7. 7
    Annie Wilcox Designs says:

    How much you learned, what fun you had and how stylish you were. Thanks for this fun and vibrant post.

  8. 8

    Concerts are wonderful places for life lessons. I wonder what I'll learn at Jack Johnson in a couple weeks? :)

  9. 9

    Love your post! We saw Paul a few years ago…very moving and extraordinary concert. Love, love, love him ;)

  10. 10

    BELLY RUBS TO YOU! Hope you can use another Baby name soon!

    (What a great night you two had!) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  11. 11
    Jan @ bobbypins boardwalk says:

    My 28 years old son and my 19 year old son were at the concert as well. Both came away saying that they will never forget it. How I wish I could have attended. Cory, the 19 year old is my "peace, love, come together and live in harmony" kind of boy, and he said that there were times when he had tears in his eyes. All he needed was some love beads. The 28 year old is in broadcasting at a country station. This music was a wonderful treat for him, as he doesn't even care for country music. Is there anyone of this generation who even comes close to the talent that arose from the Beatles, Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, etc., etc… Where has that kind of talent gone? Oh — that's right… I think they call it "rap" hahaha. Great post!!!!

  12. 12

    Great post! Best Wishes…

    Love your new blog design by the way!

  13. 13
    Carrie @ Dittle Dattle says:

    Just saw Paul in Charlottle, NC a few last week! The music sounded fabulous and I loved the fire works! But what impressed me the most – he did a private concert before the show for an hour straight and then a few hours later did a 3 hour show! That's a lot on the vocalcords!!!!

  14. 14

    Sweet post.

  15. 15
    the cape on the corner says:

    i keep meaning to comment on this! i am so jealous…i haven't been to a macca concert, but i want to. the cheap tickets are always so expensive, and i think he sings the same songs when there are so many good ones to choose from. but just the experience of it, and him being him, i think it's worth it. i saw ringo in concert, lol, and that was fun!

  16. 16
    Caroline Croad says:

    So jealous. My husband and I are huge Beatles fans. My youngest is named Penny Lane!

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