Sock Wreath on Studio 5

Last Week I went on a local TV show Studio 5 and demonstrated how to make my super fun Sock Wreath! I was asked to be on the program two days before my appearance so with little prep time I knew I needed a relatively simple project that wouldn’t need tons of prep with lots of steps! I immediately thought of the Sock Wreath so I sent off my email saying “Yes! I could make it!” and off to the dollar store I went ready to collect my supplies!

Well wouldn’t you know! Three Dollar Stores were completely out of long knee high socks! YIKES!!!! What on earth was I to do! As I was starting to panic I did tell myself that I bought the original socks that I used probably in the dead of winter! Oh great! This is going to be a disaster! It’s 90 degrees out side! Of course I won’t be able to find knee high socks!

So just before I gave in and had to buy six pairs of regular striped socks (which would still work great by the way!) I thought to myself “Self! Let’s try Target real fast and see what happens! Maybe you’ll find some clearance tights and all will be well in the world!”

Well holy cow TARGET!!! If ever I loved you more I would not be able to pin point the day! There I was surrounded by sock love! Clearance Socks dripping from the end caps! Stripes and Argyle and Harleqin oh my! Socks for as little as $1! All was well and a shopping I went!

So this near disaster of a project actually fell in to place quite well! So hit up Target and score some amazing socks! They do carry knee socks all year round! Good to know! Good to know!

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Girls Night out With Blue Cricket Design @ The Chocolate!

That right! You heard correctly! It’s time for the first ever

Girls Night Out Event with
Blue Cricket Design
hosted by The Chocolate in Orem, UT!

Friday Aug. 6th
7-9 pm
@ The Chocolate located at:
212 S. State St.
Orem, Ut 84058

Come for an amazing night of craft projects, treats, girl gab and more!

All three projects will be ready and waiting! Come create your very own:

Washer Necklace!

Your choice of fun Ric Rack or Satin Ribbon! Tons of colors to chose from!

Rolled Scrap Fabric Rosettes

Create fun Broaches that are perfect for adorning your newly created Washer Necklace! Also perfect for Jackets, Handbags and anything else that needs a little gussying up!

Embellished Silver Note Pad

This adorable Silver Note Pad will get all dressed up and look great on your
desk or make a perfect gift!

Everything you need to create theses three projects will be provided! Tons of great fabric, ribbon and colorful supplies will make each creation unique!

Included in the nights festivities will be your three Make and Take projects, Uber yummy treats and ice cold milk from The Chocolate, creative question and answers, a list of Blue Cricket Designs absolute favorite local discount supply stores and inspirational hot spots, a night away from the fam (wink wink!), girl time and an out of this world CRAZY COOL

SWAG BAG filled with over $100 worth of must haves creative essentials!Incredible swag that will include gifts from…


And more!!!

And all this for only $35

This is an intimate event and limited to the first 12 paid guests! Payment will be processed through Eventbrite. Payments accepted through Paypal only. Register by clicking below!

I am supper excited for this first fun event! I can’t wait to meet some of you! I am already in the works planning my next event in the South Jordan area in Salt Lake County! Look for it in September! Each event will have its own special vibe with a fun location specific project! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and on Facebook to get preview announcements and news on this and upcoming Girls Night Outs!

If you are a company that would like to sponsor this or an upcoming Blue Cricket Design Event please email me HERE! In return you will be heavily promoted on BCD, Facebook and Twitter!

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Theses are a few of my favorite things!

I love a good recommedation! I love hearing what people are reading, what people are loving and what people can’t live without! Here are a few of my favorite things I’d gladly recommend to my closest friends!

“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett is the perfect summer read! It came recommended by a friend and I was hooked! It’s a great easy and enjoyable read!

Vitamin water always seems to find it’s way into my shopping cart! We are not soda drinkers and usually only have Milk or Water on the menue but this little treat is always the exception when I’m on the run and need of a refreshing drink. I have especially loved the Vitamin C and Zink enriched drink. The first singn of a cold I start drinking and and it kicks my colds butt! And if you are in need a little chuckle just read thedescriptions on every bottle!

Dove Cream Oil Body Wash! Yum yum! This stuff is so rich and full of moisturizer! I love the way it lathers and still has a clean rinse! I especially have love dit this summer wiht my drier then normal skin!

My Paula Dean Cook wear set is my new favorite thing in the kitchen! I ordered it from the CSN site and could not wait to get my little paws on them! They have not disappointed! I love the bright blue color, the easy grip handles and the inter changeable lids! If you are looking for a new set of pots and pans I highly recommend this set! They come in other
fun colors too!

What are you loving at the moment?

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Jazzing up Grandma’s Old Hand Bag

Adding simple details to an almost perfectly adorable hand bag is so easy and can
make a big difference!

I found this adorable wood and cloth hand bag at my local thrift store for only $2! I had to make it mine! It was cute but it needed a punch of color!

Solution: YO YO”S!!!!

Yo Yo’s start off as Pieces of Fabric Cut into Circles.

Heather Bailey has the best Yo yo Tutorial so check it out HERE! Trust me…it’s as simple as it comes! You’ll be as addicted as I am in no time!

Teh last thing you’ll need to add to your Yo Yo is a button!

And now you can either sew them on, glue them on or add a broach pin the backs of your Yo Yo’s and attach them to what ever you’d like to adorn! In this case they add just what I was looking for… a fun pop of color!

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What a difference some PAINT makes!

It’s no surprise that I am a lover of paint! I dream about it! I collect it! And I’d happily spend a weekend in Home Depot staring at paint sample colors and dreaming my home turning into a rainbow.

Paint is the easiest way to make a drastic change for a minimal amount of money and never forget my biggest price saving tip! Be sure to check out “Oops paint” or “Mistint” pint that has been drastically marked down in price! Thsi is paint that the stores mix and then the customer changes their mind on. I have found some of the prettiest shades for $5 a gallon or less!

If you’d like to learn my easy steps for furniture refinishing be sure to check out my step by step tutorial on Furniture Refinishing! It’s really not as scary as you’d think!

I was so impressed by my readers and their refinishing success! Check out these amazing transformations!

Rebecca from “This Present Life” has the funnest new Master Bedroom. She refinished her head board in a shade I can never get enough of and the green on her walls screams “Good mornin’ beautiful!”

Check out her before…

And now check out the amazing after…

I LOVE Terry’s makeover on her 15 year old Bedroom set! It was such a huge change and made the set look so updated and fresh!

Look at the set before shw got her talented little hands on it…

And the after! AMAZING! What a difference a little paint makes right! For more photos and to go to the original post be sure to visit Cherished Treasures.

Over at Southern Seven Holly has spiced up a cabinet! Red is always a fun shade to add drama and make a strong statement! I just love this transformation!

The before cabinet is beautiful but it must have a sassy second personality that Holly knew of because…

Holly released it’s inner Super star and now it shines! I love how bold it is now against the wall and really is a stand alone beauty!

So work up some nerve and get to the paint store! Think about the endless possibilities that await!

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Sock Wreath

The Dollar Store is a treasure trove of goodness and today’s project proves it! I’ve had both of these supplies for well over two years! While on my Spending Strike I had to get creative so while rumaging through my craft room I wondered if these two Dollar Store purchases would play well together! And the answer was YES!!!

This entire wreath cost $3! You’ll need a 12″ Foam Wreath form and two pair of striped Tube Socks!
Cut your socks at the heal and at the toe.

Next cut the longest section of your sock in half again. You only need to do this step if you’re using more then one style of sock. In my case I uses two different striped pairs of socks and wanted to alternate them so I needed to create even sections.

Cut the Foam Wreath form in order to make a place where we can slide our socks on.

Gather your sock section and slide it on!

Once you’ve put on all your sections just spread the socks evenly to make sure it covers the entire wreath!

And you’re done! Tie a ribbon on top to hang it and pat yourself on the back for marring two random Dollar Store Items to create something great!

And the next time you get on your kids or husbands backs for not picking up their socks just threaten them that if they don’t pick them up they may end up on a wreath!

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July my fellow Americans!!!! Do we not live in the best Country or what! I hope you have a safe and happy Holiday Weekend! For a little fun…enjoy!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

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