How to recover from Casual Bloggers Conference…no really! I need some suggestions!

**warning: longest post in the history of BCD but three amazing days will do that to a gal!

it must be said…I’m wasted! Or so I think! Seeing as though I have never actually known what that feels like I can only describe it as exhaustion paired with a pounding headache, lack of motivation to rejoin the real world, slight flashbacks of dancing like a fool and of course a purse filled with so many mysterious business cards that cause me to ask myself…did I really meet this many new awesome new friends!The answer…YES!

Anyone else still feeling the effects of an AMAZING weekend!! I knew I wasn’t the only one intoxicated by the childless days and nights of girlfriend filled gab and blogger overload!

Ahh yes! I attended the first ever Casual Blogger Conference and it will go down in the annals of history as an event to remember!

Thursday night we kicked off the event at the Speakers Dinner held at the beautiful Noah’s event hall in South Jordan and THIS is what I was first greeted with…

My all time most favorite treat from The Chocolate. It was as if Ange knew I would be there and she carefully crafted an entire tray of Strawberry Shortcake just for me! ok… so a girl can pretend the universe revolves around her for a split second right! Non the less I thanked Ange, the owner and baker from The Chocolate and agreed to share! You’re welcome!

( Leave it to me to put a food photo up first! Typical!)

This room was packed with Blogger know how! Every where you looked it was your favorite bloggers all in one room!

Meet two of the master minds behind this crazy Weekend! Caroline (MomBabe) and Julie! Hello ladies! Thanks for rockin our world all weekend!

These two friends need no introduction but for their egos (wink wink) I’ll happily introduce you two my friends Kristina a.k.a. lover all all things snuggie and the always beautiful and glitter covered Annie Valentine a.k.a. photo friend/minivan shotgun pal/preggo beauty! Yeah… I HEART these two!

Ahh yes! And look at me and my beautiful, talented gorgeously tall, perfect in every way, mother of the year friend Camille! ( yes and no I’m totally buttering her up! She deserves all the praise but she also has some very incriminating photos AND video of me that I’m all to happy to never see again!) Just play along! I love you Camille!!!!

The dinner was great but the night was just beginning! We were off to Girls Night out for more food, friends and adventure!

One of the huge highlights of the night was meeting Char from Crap I’ve made! There I was in real life meeting Char! It was awesome! Char I love your CRAP! Huge fan of Crap!!!

And here are my all time favorite sister duo! I think I love them of course because they are beautiful and talented but they also remind me of me and my sister! Hannah is a rock star Graphic Designer over at Sherbet Blossom and Sarah is the amazing cook behind the blog Redhead Recipes. Get your design and craving fix with these two!

Ok…here’s one more person to hate. Sherrie Shepherd totally stood in the talent line like 5 times in Heaven. She is incredible on the piano and has a cd to prove it!

And here are some new friends Kami and Marie from Make and Takes. Marie and I later busted a few moves at the concert the next night! I still hope she likes me!

And check this out! Leigh Anne was whipping up lip gloss when I attached her! Thanks for the photo Leigh Anne! I still want your shirt!

Here’s the gang. Veronica is the gal to my right! She seriously is a rock star! I’m just lucky to call her my friend! I’m convinced everyone needs a Veronica in their life!

And here’s Shell! What can I say about Shell! Only that I totally adore this “Just the photographer” friend who made me laugh when it was inappropriate, cries when she laughs, and seriously has the coolest kids names! Live closer would ya!

Girls night out was filled with Chair Massages,

Making lip gloss, spilling lip gloss and stealing left over lip gloss! We also made amazing Teressa Collins Make and Takes! More on her later!

Vanessa did an incredible job in her class and yes we planned our matching outfits!

Here we are at lunch at TGIFridays. Just a note to all you TGIFridays fans…when they ask you what you want to drink with your Lunch special and you ask them what your options are that are included in the meal and they say Cranberry juice, don’t believe them. $6 dollars later I too was the fool! I’m just sayin’!

Let the night life begin…

First we were blessed to hear from the beautiful and talented Mindy Glenhill. I’m convinced this is what Heaven will sound like all day long when I get there! Mindy was incredible! I could have listened to her all night! I wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home!

Ok…this next Section is titled

Yes I am Happily Married! I promise!

Meet Cameron Rafati! Yes he’s hot! Yes he sings in a band and YES I’m happily Married!

Yes that’s itty bitty me making myself comfortable next to Cameron! Have I ever looked so short! Yes I just walked up there and yes it looks like he’s ok with it! Leave it to me right!

Yes that’s me jammin with the band post party!

And Yes that’s me striking a pose with the talented stallion of a man Cameron who by the way is single and by the way I’m happily married! But still! Am I right girls or am I right!

This guy and his band were incredible! I felt guilty for not paying like $80 to see them live! They truly sound like the hottest current band out there! And their video was amazing! I’ll post it once it’s released to the public but till then I’ll pretend it was a private viewing for ME!!!! Rock on Cam…that’s what I like to call him! CAM!!!!

And yes the rumors are true… I did dance, by myself in the aisle! It had to be done! I could not let one more song go by with out giving it it’s proper respect and that indeed included dancing…even if it was by myself! Thankfully the crowd joined in but yes oh yes I would have danced by myself had the audience been filled with less then enthusiastic married woman!

Poor Cameron and crew! A room full of Married moms! Doing this all nigh…

That’s me with my OLBFF Emily and Vanessa Rocking out!

But wait!

See that hottie in the Blue Shirt! That’s Kendall and she was the only single gal in the entire room! Lucky for Cam she’s hot! Again…I’m just sayin! And how cute is Natalie! Nat the Fat Rat was a blast and I have to say Nat… I loved your class the most! Glad I didn’t skip out on it! He he he!

Ok…I’m going to power through day three. It’s 1 a.m. and I’m fading quickly!

There was no better way to start off our 8 a.m. day then with Matt Townsend himself! This is where Shell lost it! We were laughing the entire hour and having been a fan already it was beyond great to sit and listen to Matt.

Day three was the day of our class! I spoke with an amazing group of woman! I seriously loves these girls!

From Left to right…

Elisa the amazing mastermind behind CBC! April Meeker, who has more style in her pinky and is beyond real making her a fast friend! Melanie Day of who we all know and love and need to thank with baskets of goodies! Me. Teressa Collins designer and even more importantly an amazing person! Maria Lichty who I’ve loved emailing and getting to know better! She’s a food blogger so get to know her site! AMAZING! And last but not least Emily Cushing who I love love love of Giveaway Today! Love you Em!

I’d like to think our breakout group went fabulous! We had great questions and interaction and a wonderful group of bloggers in attendance! And thanks Over the Tipsy Top Design for sponsoring our panel! Aren’t theses glitter cups amazing!

The entire event was incredible!I meet the most amazing woman and was blown away! It was so fun to finally meet some on line friends in person!

Ashley from Little Miss Mamma is as darling as I imagined her and it was beyond fun to spend time with her!

Serene was borderline too much fun!

And check me out with Megan the Blue Cricket Design CBC ticket Winner!

And there was a beautiful lady who came up to me at the end of our class. She was wearing a beautiful gray embellished sweater and we only got to chat for a second! Who ever you were sweet friend I looked for you all afternoon! I wanted to chat a little longer and get to know you better! Oh rats!

And to wrap it all up we had some incredible Key note speakers…

CJane, Courtney Kendrick brought the house down with her better then the original ” I believe the children are our future” and her awe inspiring humor and insight!

And holy moly… Sophie Uliano is beyond beautiful! She’s pretty much amazing when it comes to Green living glamorously so of course I love her! How fun to have meet her!

She has this fun and fast quiz on her site that I would love for you to take!!!! Please please please with a cherry on top! I might win a bicycle or something if I get all my readers to take a minute to take a quiz! Fun huh!

So all in all CBC was a blast! I can hardly wait till next year! So as you can see by the lenght of this post the three days kicked my butt and I loved every minute of it! Off to bed at 2 am.

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  1. 1

    Great recap! I wish everyone's recaps were like this one lol. You're a funny lil miss.

  2. 2
    Lynn from For Love or Funny says:

    Looks like an amazing conference!!! Love seeing photos of the people we read!

  3. 3
    Kristina P. says:

    I will forgive you for posting that horrible picture of me because you make me laugh.

    And I hear you. I literally did nothing yesterday. NOTHING. And I'm still tired. I can't imagine how Elisa, Caroline, and Julie feel.

  4. 4
    Love Stitched says:

    it was so fun….and tiring…and SO great to meet you!!! I had a chair massage from that SAME guy…he kinda freaked me out…LOL

  5. 5
    annie valentine says:

    Um, I'm now exhausted all over again. I also just realized that I didn't take a single picture. Not even with my phone. I am a conference idiot.

    And I am having Becca withdrawls. My kids so don't appreciate my jokes like you do.

  6. 6
    Ashley @ Little Miss Momma says:

    Totally awesome meeting such a fabulous chica {thats you}! Wish I could have been there to see those crazy dance moves of yours!

    And whats with my larger than life hip in the picture?? Mental note not to stand in the pose in future pictures!

  7. 7
    Camille says:

    Becca, YOU are gorgeous! I love you – almost as much as you love The Chocolate, and Cameron Rafati. :) You seriously know how to rock a Bloggers Conference. (especially the concert portion)

    Great recap!

  8. 8
    Andrea @ See it! Love it! Win it! says:

    Love this! All the pics are so cute, looks like you had an awesome time!

  9. 9

    Hey, OLBFF–great recap! You are adorable, adorable, ADORABLE (and happily married though I'm sure it broke Cameron's heart). I'll do a blogging conference with you any time!

  10. 10
    Serene is my name, not my life! says:

    OMGosh, I can die a happy woman now that I have my picture on your blog. It was goal in life. So now, I'm good to go die of kidney failure. :D

    I'm thinking of making the mustache a permanant thing. It compliments my eyes.

    Can I just say again how much I loved hanging out with you?

  11. 11
    veronica says:

    You are the queen of the recap!
    I may need to borrow some of your awesome photos, but I promise to give credit where credit is due!
    Love you!

  12. 12

    oh, I am so jealous. I am new to blogging and I only found out about the conference the week of, oh and did I mention that I still tried to sign up and it was sold out. I am so sad that I didnt get to meet some of you amazing women. Hopefully it will happen again in the future and I will get the chance to go.
    Thanks for a re-cap…I almost felt like I was there….Oh, and I am happily married as well, but I dont blame you there…jsut keep saying 'I am happily married, I am happily married'.

  13. 13

    So fun to meet you, Becca! This is the recap of all recaps! It was a fun weekend, and I can't wait to do it all again at EVO!

  14. 14

    Hey Becca,
    I was lucky enough to attend your panel discussions. You were awesome. I loved the back story of your blog and your 'craftiness'. Love your stuff, love your blog.

  15. 15
    HunDuddle Hussy says:

    "…and then there was this cute girl with AMAZING hair named Jessica and although her blog is seriously dumb and she only has like 4 followers, she was SO incredible to meet that i was too overwhelmed to ask her for a picture."


  16. 16

    perfect recap becca. you are even more darling in person! i was super delighted to meet you. glad you made the most of such a fun conference weekend. xo.

  17. 17
    Christina says:

    So much fun to hang out, Becca. Glad we got to catch up over dinner. I see a summer time IKEA date in our future- after your spend fast is over!

  18. 18

    Man, you really worked the crowd!
    I took like 2 pictures the whole time.

    It was such a amazing weekend!And great to meet you. You are so gorgeous! Thanks for offering to let me spoon you…er….sleep at your house.

    Love you!!!

  19. 19

    Wow, what a recap! It was such a fun conference. I really enjoyed speaking with you and getting to know you. Hopefully we can meet up again!

  20. 20

    What? No picture of the incredibly shy girl you sat next to at Noodles & Co. for dinner? Maybe next time. It was fun to meet you!

  21. 21
    vanessa says:

    Can we say BEST CBC RECAP OF ALL?!

    Becca you are the sweetest, funnest and nicest gal, I am so glad I know you :)

  22. 22
    Megan @ Megity's Handmade says:

    Becca, It was fantastic! I'm so happy that I won the ticket and that the stars aligned and provided babysitters for the kids. It was very informative and fun! Too bad I didn't get to go to the social. That would of been so fun!

  23. 23

    Fantastic recap! I felt like I was reliving the weekend all over again. :)

  24. 24
    Leigh Anne @YourHomebased Mom says:

    It was so fun to meet you in person at the conference. You are darling online and more darling in person!! So fun!! I'd let you borrow the shirt we I lived closer!!

  25. 25
    One Cluttered Brain says:

    Just saw your link on CBC Facebook page…Nice RECAP..
    And so true, i was SO TIRED after Casual blogger..
    And I still had to drive home…
    (I live in Mesquite.)
    I stayed an extra night..It's a good thing too cause boy! I was TIRED…

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