I’m your 5th stop on a Parade of Homes blog tour!

Yay for virtual Parade of Homes! How fun is this? “Poppies at Play” is hosting a week long Parade of Homes! Want to get nosey and peek through my windows and see what my home looks like! Well pull up a lawn chair and gaze in my windows becasue I knew you were coming and I clean up! I’m the 5th stop on the tour so be sure to visit “Poppies at Play” for a full rundown of tours and don’t forget to check the next happy home waiting for you to come by for a visit! You can Find her link at the end of this post!

Shall we get started?

Room #1
“A tiny Nursery for a girl named Charlie!”

This room soon became my favorite room in our home! It was a labor of love with plenty of hunting for the perfect accessories and tiny touches to make it feel special. My design attitude shines in our little girls nursery. I believe anyone can have a stylish room on any budget! Many of my favorite features in this room were thrift store finds, clearance section deals and “DIY” projects. Jaw dropping design tricks fool everyone who comes to see where my “Charlie Bug” snuggles in for the night. This tiny nursery has big effect without feeling too cramped with over styled detail.

The entire room was centered around the Window Treatment! I fell in love with the Print and color pallet the moment I saw it and would you believe it’s a simple Table Runner I found at Pier 1 Imports!It’s my first example of creative decorating! Re purposing things that you would have never imagined using in a room is my specialty! I simply sewed on ribbon and tied them to Iron Medallions I spray painted red!

Also while cruising the Table lined section in Pier 1 I came across coordinating Cloth Napkins marked down to .78 cents each! I snagged as many as I could and set out to create the Crib Dust Ruffle and Throw pillow I used on the Rocking chair. I love how the fray detail on the napkins adds texture to the dust ruffle and Pillow!

The yellow Book Case was a fun and easy project. We picked up the Book Case at a local Thrift store for $8. We loved its interesting shelves! I painted it with one of my “Oop’s Paints” called “February Gold” by Behr that I had on hand that I picked up at Home Depo for $1. Oops Paint is paint a store will sell at a discount because it was wrongly tinted or returned!! It’s a great way to save money! I distressed the Book Case with my favorite Raulph Lauren Glaze treatment in Tobacco. Check out this link for my furniture refinishing tutorial with all my best tricks and tips found HERE! You’ll notice that I also used those Cloth Napkins to make simple Curtains! Spring loaded Curtain Rods make this treatment super simple!

The dresser in the room is a crowning jewel! I found it at my favorite local Consignment store “Home Again” in Midvale, UT! It’s the most expensive Piece in this room and a steal for only $175! It’s a beautiful Antique with original hardware and charm. If you look close, Lime Green paint peeks through in it’s crackle finish! I’m a frequent shopper at Consignment stores! Treasures await you and a single find may inspire an entire rooms theme! The adorable blue cabinet that sits behind the rocker is also a “Home Again” find.

Charlies Crib is a family hand me down form her two other sisters! I can’t bare to let her go! The fitted sheet in Teal Gingham was bought at Target. I kept it simple and didn’t bother with a bumper. I didn’t want it to make the room feel heavy. The green rug was picked up on clearance from Target as well! A $7 punch of color!

The Shadow boxes were picked up as an unfinished three pack from Roberts Craft Store. I spray painted them a soft yellow and lined them with Scrapbook paper. The best thing about this project is that I adhered them to the wall using 3M Command strips. I use these things as often as I can when it comes to hanging light weight frames and art work. They eliminate nails in the walls and it makes spacing a breeze!

Small accessories pepper the room! A refinished crate! My $4 retro Resin Framed Mirror from a Thrift Store! Childrens books and my favorite tiny detail…a photo of my mom as a baby! Each add color and sentiment!

Room #2
“The Sisters slumber within these walls!”
My two oldest girls share a room! This was the very first room we finished when we first moved into our home and I completely designed this entire room around this Antique print My husbands Grandfather gave me! It’s a treasured gift and I’m so glad I was able to use it in such a special room.

You’ll notice this photo of mother gets around! I like to share her!

The dresser I picked up off of a local online classified site! $20 later she was all mine! You’ll also notice the fun Faux Tuft Button Wall I painted. I’m proud to say I did it all myself and love how it turned out! I really need to share a how to now don’t I?!
A Trundle bed was a must for this small space! You would be surprised what JCPenny.com has to offer!

I sewed the duvet and found the fun floral throw pillow at a consignment store.

Some more small details around the room! The vintage hankies I tied together and draped across the wall that the bead rest upon. I didn’t want shelves or anything that could fall on them! I even scored two hankies with an “M” monogrammed on them! Tiny details that put a smile on my face and made my heart sing when I found them! I found out that they came from an estate sale from a sweet old lady named Marge! Fun huh?

I filled an entire wall with $8 worth of paper fans! Fun and easy ans super cheap to make! It’s a great way to fill a space and add pops of color! Find out how to make these simple accents HERE!

Lastly I disassembled a small wall shelf I found on clearance for $2. The detailed scrolling section of it was too charming not to hold onto and it worked perfectly as an added touch just above the closet. I have it securely in place with oodles of ticky tack!

Room #3
“A crafty corner for ME!”

Ok! So my older girls room was the first room we finished when we first moved in but this was the first room we painted! I knew I wanted to do the button wall in their room and I needed a place to practice so there you go! No! Not every room in my home has fake buttons on the walls! Just two of them!

I’m lucky to have a tiny corner of the house all to myself and even if it is only a 9′x9′ space I’ll take what I can get!

The large “Elephant” in the room is definitely the large Dresser and Hutch I made over to house my fabric collection! Two miss matched thrift store pieces worked out perfectly to become the new display piece in this space! I have to tell you how inspiring it is to have all of my beautiful fabric on display! I love being surrounded by the bold colors and fun prints!

I needed even more fabric storage!

I love to have everything on display so I can walk in, see what I need and get to work! Two large bookcases make this possible and I can have everything in arms reach. The antique dresser was given to me and had become a treasure! It housed all my card making, stamps, silk flowers and other odds and ends!

I LOVE my craft room! I’m a lucky lucky girl! I have a large table that sits right outside this room that I do all of my sewing on. So this is where the magic happens my friends! Can you see why I love to create!

Thanks for taking a look at where I live! I’m proud of the home I’m creating. It’s always evolving! I believe you can decorate your home within your home by rotating items and mixing it up! I hope I’ve inspired you just a little to create a space you love on a budget and with sentiment in mind! Decorate with what you love and what means something to you! Love the space you abide in!

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Sunday Flashback: Sharing gone terribly wrong!

A pictures worth a thousand words that’s for sure!

Originally posted 7/30/09


Notice to big Sisters:

In the future when mom and dad tell you it’s a good idea to share your toys, treats and other things, PLEASE know that we did NOT mean to include “FUN DIP’S”
with your 4 month old baby sister.

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The Snack Bar is OPEN for business!

So I crossed on over to the “cool mom” side of life when I created this Snack Bar! Call me lazy or crazy or both but I along with my kids are loving it!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s kids constantly beg to be feed ALL DAY LONG!!! I get soooo tired of the asking for a snack that I had to come up with something!

These cute and affordable canisters helped me come to my solution! Tai Pan to the rescue!
The chalk board canister was $10 and the other two were each $4! I filled them with healthy snacks that I won’t mind them helping themselves to! Dollar store fat free animal crackers, goldfish and almonds!

And here is my reminder to “Ask mom” fist before they dive in! The rules are simple! They can have one bowl of snacks but it has to last them the entire afternoon! Ask once and you’re good!

And I scored the cute tiny red plastic bowls from Target on clearance for $1.40 and the white basket tray from a local thrift store for $1! So help yourself friends!
The snack bar is open for business!

This post has been brought to you by:


the "Charlie Bug Party Hat"

Hip hip hooray! It’s Party hat day!!!!!

In honor of my birthday (well actually in honor of FINALLY getting it done!) my first ever pattern for sale is READY!!!!

“The Charlie Bug party Hat!” is ready to rock and roll any special birthday girl, boy, mom, dad, girlfriend or perfect strangers head! Customize yours with your favorite designer fabric and call it good! I’ve even included my free Birthday Patch pattern and instructions!

Order your very own pattern emailed straight to you in pdf format!
Print it off and get started!

Sewing level: Beginner
Estimated time of project: 30 min.

“The Charlie Bug Party Hat”
by: Blue Cricket Design

email orders to [email protected] and in the subject line please write “PATTERN ORDER!”

Thanks for the support friends!


Sunday Flashback: "Thank you Mother Earth!"

With Earth day coming up this week I thought it would be fun to revisit my last years Earth Day post! If anyone really knows me they ‘d know I’m a huge Earth lovin, tree huger who recycles and has been shopping with her own reusable bags for 5 years! I definitely go through waves of conservation but all in all I am a green sort of gal who loved this planet and loves to take care of it! So get ready for some EARTH DAY LOVE!!!

Originally posted 4/22/09

GREEN Thumb anyone!

Happy EARTH day!!!

With the sun shining down and making itself comfortable on my shoulders, I walked back and forth across my lawn making my best attempt to create perfect lines with the lawn mover on our greener then green grass. Don’t think it wasn’t a coincidence that I waited till no cars drove past me before I pulled the rip cord like a bajillion times before the mover roared to life for the first time this year! Ahh the aroma of fresh cut grass!

The girls were also under Mother Natures spell as they picked dandelions, collected cut grass to make “nests” and searched for pet ants. Little Blues grass stained feet were the perfect accessory to her sundress and pink cheek. Pigtails and gardening buckets…doesn’t get much better then this!!!

How beautiful is this world we live in! Can anyone on this earth not admit that we all fall victim to a love affair with the great out doors when the sun is shinning and the trees are in full bloom! I’m convinced Tulips and Daffodils were put on this earth to simple bring smiles to our faces.

So on this Earth Day I had to take it in! Stop and look around and marvel at Gods amazing creation! I couldn’t help but feel renewed in my desire to do my part! Create a world with a little less waste and a little more love! So let’s all try just a little harder to appreciate the home we all share! Reduce , Reuse , Recycle and remember we can all make a difference.

And yay for being born!!! Today is my birthday! I know it might be hard but please refrain from spanking me!


The Dutch are on to something!

I’m creating a “Home Wish List” and a Dutch Split door is on the list! We are starting to do some home improvements FINALLY and if it were up to me a Dutch Door would be hung this weekend!

It’s been a childhood dream of mine to have a Red Dutch Split door! I think there is nothing more charming and picturesque! I can picture it now… the kids playing outside as my door is opened on the top! I can glance outside and wave as the baby is safely inside at my heels!Fresh air and sunshine!

Dutch door= I WANT THAT!!!!

So so fun huh! I’m waiting on a bid from VintageDoors.com! Fingers crossed it’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg to make my dreams come true!

What’s on your home improvement wish list!?


Folded Felt Flowers

It’s time for another flower tutorial!

I love this new technique! We’ll be pairing it with some old classics to make a layered look that’s fun to play with colors, fabrics and buttons!

Start by cutting at least 6 circles of felt. The ones I used in this example are approximately
2 1/4″ circles! Just grab something round and trace away! I used a lid from my girls play tea set!

You’ll be folding each circle into a burrito!

Sew two straight stitched with your sewing machine through the middle.

Now cut between the stitching and now you have two sections!

Lovely lovely petals!

Cut one more circle the same size as your original circles and pin on your petals!

Time to sew!

Yuck!!! This is what it looks like when you forget to put your foot down while sewing! No need to worry! We’ll be covering up our stitches! Thank goodness!

Now we’ll throw on some of our past techniques like our Heather Bailey Flowers! Cut a few more circles out of fun fabric and grab yourself a button!

Start layering them on!

Ooops! You caught me! I traded out the red button for a yellow and stitched it all together! And now it’s up to you how you want to finish it! Glue on a broach pin or an alligator clip or glue it to a headband!

Fun, bright and endless possibilities! I also think they would look great on a package, clustered on a throw pillow or on a frame!


Birthday Patch Applique!

I loved how my Charlie bugs birthday outfit turned out this year! The hat, still my favorite! The skirt a close second! And lastly the fun and simple Birthday patch that tied it all together!

First you will iron on Heat ‘n Bond adhesive to the back side of your three fabrics. Use a circle pattern or trace lids to get two different sized circles! Mine are 4 and 3 inch circles. Trace a number or free hand one. Be sure to remember to trace your number backwards because you are tracing it on the back side of your fabric.

Remove the paper from the back of your number and center it onto your smaller circle. Iron it on to adhere it!

Next remove the paper from the back of your smaller circle and center it onto your larger circle. Iron it in place to adhere it!

Sew along the edges of your number and the smaller circle using a zig zag stitch!

Now it’s ready to iron onto a birthday shirt! Tips for sewing it on:

  • You’ll need to use a stabilizing fabric on the back side of the shirt. Cut a piece slightly larger then your patch. This will keep the shirt from snagging and gathering in your sewing machine!
  • After you have sewn the patch on feel free to trim the stabilizing fabric on the inside of the shirt for better comfort.

The final touch that makes a fun statement!


Sunday Flashback: "This is what I know!"

Originally Posted 9/29/09

I know that being the middle child has it’s ups and downs.


But mostly it has ups…


I know that Kindergarten brings new perspective to a girl.


Life’s pretty wonderful when you get to ride the bus!


I know that sitting up on your own deserves celebrating!




And getting a little taller is pretty cool too!



I know that 3 little girls can sometimes be a handful.


Hands full of little hands have always been worth it.


I know that bald spots are adorable.


And that armfuls of babies are only available for a limited time.



Double Ribbon Washer Necklace!

While preparing for my Studio 5 appearance last week I came up with a new and easy twist on the original Washer Necklace! It uses two long pieces of ribbon instead of one and is slightly easier to enplane! If you are looking for a fun and affordable project to teach
a group of girls this is it!

Start by cutting two 4 feet pieces of ribbon. Tie your two pieces together at approximately 1 1/5 feet down the two ribbons. Add your first washer by taking the top ribbon and pulling it down its center and taking the bottom ribbon and pulling it up its center.

Add your next washer by weaving your ribbon the exact same way…top ribbon down its center and bottom ribbon up its center! See how it looks! They are now over lapping and you can see a fun new pattern.

Keep it up until you have added all the washers and completed your design!

Here is a slight variation… I weaved a washer and then knotted the ribbon before I added the next washer!

I love the way they look when you mix them with the original look! Now get to work and see what other techniques you can come up with!

Here is the segment I did on Studio 5! You can see the process in action!

Be sure to enter to win my Washer Necklace giveaway HERE! Winner announced tomorrow!