Tissue Paper Eggs

You know I love a good paper mache project! This one was no exception! Take plastic eggs and charm them up with colorful tissue paper!

Gather school glue, tissue paper and plastic Easter Eggs!

Spread you paper and make thin strips.

Dilute 1/4 cup of glue and 1/2 cup of water for your glue solution!

Because the tissue paper is so delicate you will want to roll your plastic egg into the glue solution to wet it and lay your strips of paper on the egg. Then dip your finger tips in the glue and smooth out the tissue paper! I recomend using the same color tissue paper as your egg.

Continue layering your strips of paper until it’s covered completely with a few layers of tissue paper.

Lay your eggs on a plastic trash bag to dry. After a few hours you’ll want to roll your eggs to make sure the bottoms can dry evenly. Let them dry over night to ensure that they are 100% dried!

The dried eggs dry smoother then they look while wet so don’t worry too much about small wrinkles! Now your eggs will last for years! Fun bright colored eggs just in time for Easter!


Decorating with Spring Fabric Wall Art

Hi Friends!!! I was on KJZZ this morning showing off how to make my fun
Fabric Wall Art project!

I showed you how to make this easy and affordable Fabric Wall Art in an earlier tutorial found HERE! I just wanted to show off how fun and easy it is to use in your Spring Decorating! Add a splash of color and a pop of Spring! Because this project is so affordable it’s easy to swap out a look for each season! It’s a simple way to change your decor for a small price and little effort!

Here I used a few above my refinished Red Piano! To learn how to refinish furniture check out my instructions HERE!

And check out the before and after on my mantle!

This is what it looked like before!

And here’s my fun Spring look after!

Because most of the colors in my home are bold and bright I may just in fact keep these guys up all year!

And thanks again
Material Girls Quilt Shop
in South Jordan, UT!!!

To find the fabric I used in this project and other amazing Designer Fabrics go visit
Material Girls!!!! The selection is incredible and you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store! They also have a great online store and blog!!!!! Check ‘em out!


Spring Fabric Bunting!

It’s the perfect time of year for another no sew Fabric Scraps Bunting Banner! Take your brightly colored fabric scraps and turn them into the perfect last minute decoration for your Easter Brunch! Hang it across your mantle or drape it in your dining room for a splash of color!

Cut varying sizes of fabric. The beauty of this project is that they don’t have to be perfect and they don’t have to be the same!

Simply fold the top section over 1/2″ and staple them onto a piece of twine! Be sure to staple threw the fabric and the twine so the fabric stays in place and doesn’t slip!

Easy and Fast! And use what you already have! This project is so affordable if you use fabric scraps and a $2 ball of twine!

Match it to a parties color scheme! Use holiday fabric to decorate for any occasion!

And remember my original “Scrap Fabric Bunting”I created for my daughters back yard Carnival Birthday Bash!!! Make them as short or as long as you’d like!
This one went across my entire back yard!

This is my favorite go to decoration for any and all special get togethers!

The fabric I used in my new Spring time Bunting was all generously donated by

Material Girls Quilt Shop!

It was all yummy Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and Moda fabric!

If you live in the Salt Lake area you MUST stop in and visit Nadine, her daughter Shelby and the other amazing staff! Their selection of designer fabrics is out of this world!


Paper Fan and Doilie Spring Garland

Tis the season for fun Spring colored decorations! I made this Brightly colored Paper Fan and Doilie Garland for my Daughters Birthday Party! I used these same colors throughout the party! Bright and fun and perfect for Spring ! I’ll probably keep her up for a few more weeks!

To create these easy Paper Fan just follow my tutorial found here! These were 6″ in diameter once they were done!

I found these plastic doilies used for 80′s wedding bouquets and corsages at my local thrift store! Packs of 30 for $1.50! SCORE!!! Regular paper Doilies work well too!

Using a hot glue gun you’ll attach the paper fans to the doilies!

To create the centers you’ll need to crumble up paper cup cake liners.

Hot glue 5-6 crumbled liners into the center of a liner until it’s full.

Glue them into the center of your paper fans!

I took the smaller doilie and cut out the center pieces.

I tied two 12″ pieces of satin ribbon onto each small doilie.

And used the ribbon to attach two larger doilies to either side!

I added long ribbon to the ends to tie it onto my mantel!

And that’s all she wrote!


Service Soapbox "Teaddy Bear Den" Baby Shower event!

Service Soapbox is proud to announce its first ever Fund Raising Event! What is “Service Soapbox” you may ask?
Service Soapbox is a network of bloggers and community members united in the effort to join forces and do some good in the world. The idea is simple! We each use our blogs as a platform to promote service opportunity and get as many people involved as we can! Going “Viral” for a good cause!

Our first event is one you won’t want to miss!

It’s a Baby Shower!!!!

presented by
Service Soapbox
to benefit The March of Dimes
“Teddy Bear Den!”

The March of Dimes has created a Teddy Bear Den Program (TBD) that is designed to encourage or motivate low income women to get prenatal care and practice healthy behaviors during pregnancy, as well as take good care of their babies after pregnancy. The TBD accomplishes this by offering women on the program incentives, such as diapers, wipes, new baby clothes and a variety of other baby care products. Women who follow the program “earn” points toward these incentives by getting prenatal care, participating in prenatal and postpartum educational classes, breastfeeding, avoiding tobacco, alcohol and drugs, keeping appointments for well baby visits, receiving immunizations and through a variety of positive, health promoting activities. The TBD provides information, educational materials, and a variety of other resources and referrals that help clients take goo care of themselves and their babies. Surveys indicate that the TBD program motivates more than 90% of the clients to practice and maintain healthy behaviors. The TBD has served approximately over 2,500 low income women in the Salt Lake area.

In honor of The Teddy Bear Den, “Service Soapbox” is throwing a Baby Shower! Guests who attend are asked to bring items to help stock the Den! Please look over this list and see what you can donate!

Teddy Bear Den Wish List

(These items should be new or handmade in order to be used as appropriate incentives for women in the program. The items below are listed in order of greatest need.)

  • Diapers and Wipes (Sizes 1-4 are always in highest demand)
  • Baby Hygiene Items: Shampoo, Baby Wash, Lotion, and Diaper Rash Cream
  • Baby Clothes (0-12 month sizes)
  • Coats, Jackets, Winter Hats, Gloves and Mittens
  • Socks, Hats, Shoes, and Sleepers
  • Baby Care Items: Combs, Brushes, Diaper Bags, Bottles and Nail Clippers
  • Soft Baby Carriers or Backpacks
  • Blankets (any size or material) and Crib-size Bedding
  • Cash Donations are always welcome!
And you don’t have to live in Utah to be
apart of the fun!

Anyone can join in to support the efforts! Sign up HERE and participate in our “Virtual Baby Shower!” If you are an etsy shop owner, a childrens retailer or a friend with a big heart and you want to send a gift for the event please jump on over, sign up and join in! Anyone who donates from out of town will be entered into our drawing for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

So consider yourself invited! Come enjoy food, games, prizes and the company of some amazing bloggers! It’s all for a great cause and we hope to see you there!

Saturday April 24th
from 10am-Noon
At the beautiful
Noah’s Event Hall
located at 322W. 11000 S. in South Jordan
A million thanks to Noah’s for the generous donation of their facility!

Please RSVP HERE so we can have a better idea of who will be in attendance!

Additional support is always needed!
To find out more about ways you can help support this Specific event please read THIS!

If you’re a local and want to get involved in this or other Service Soapbox activities and events come visit our site and sign up! You would be amazed at the collection of bloggers and new friend potential! We’d love to have you join!

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The "Outfit" and a giveaway!!!

We hardly can believe it,
that this day has really come!
Our sweet little Charlie,
is finally turning ONE!

Today’s a big BIG Day!!!! My tiny little stinker is the big 01! Where has the time gone!

To help celebrate her special day I wanted to make her a fun outfit for the occasion! I had dreamed up her birthday hat and centered the entire outfit around it! I got to work and just loved how it all turned out! More about her hat and patch later…

Her tiny little skirt is a new favorite! I fell in love with Pink Fig Patterns two years ago when I bought my first pattern. So easy! Such great instructions! I was hooked! I’ve made “The Girly Skirt” and this “The Girly Stripworks Skirt!” My girls love ‘em! Is it not soooo adorable!!!

“The Girly Stripworks Skirt”

Fun, bright and beautiful fabric helped make this skirt so fun!

So to help celebrate this special day I have a few gifts for you! Chelsea is the creative mind behind Pink Fig Patterns and Vintage Chic Boutique! You can find her cute button in my Sponsors section!She is all kinds of talented and her designs are incredible! I HEART her!!!!

Chelsea wanted to pass on some “Girly Stripworks skirt” fun to help celebrate Charlies birthday! I’m pretty sure you all won’t mind!

3 lucky readers
will be chosen!!!!

So you too can whip up one of these babies! How cool is that!

If I didn’t already own this pattern I’d be jealous I couldn’t win!
A million thanks Chelsea!!!
Be sure to go and check out all her available patterns for sale!

Here’s how you can enter to win! PLEASE leave one comment per entry!

  • Every one who leaves a comment today will be entered in the random drawing so say hello, wish my baby bug a happy day or tell me something fun!
  • Go and visit The Vintage Chic Boutique Blog and become a follower of her blog! Say hello to Chelsea and come report back telling me you’ve made a new friend!
  • Become a follower of Blue Cricket Design or tell me you already are!
  • Help spread the word about this giveaway by blogging, tweeting or facebooking about this fun offer with a link back to this post!
The WINNERS will be announced this Sunday March 28th!!!!! Thanks again Pink Fig!


Sneak Peek

Just a little Sneak Peek on what’s happening in the Blue Cricket House! I’m elbow deep in a bunt cake you won’t want to miss!

Be sure to visit tomorrow for all the details and a GIVEAWAY!!!!!!! WHAT? On a MONDAY!!!!! Ah yes!
In honor of this pretty little birthday girl we have
MULTIPLE PRIZES to give away!!!!!!


Last chance for St. Patty’s Day fun!

Well tomorrow’s the big day! I feel a wee bit guilty for not loving this holiday as much as I should so I’m trying to come up with a few things to make it special! My best friend has always been totally into this holiday and I wish I was as cool of a mom as she is.

Every year she tells her kids to be on the look out for those tricky Leprechauns! They are always out pulling pranks for St. Patrick’s day! Then after she tucks her kids in bed the night before she gets to work! She’ll dye the milk green and add green food coloring to the toilet water! She puts her kids shoes in the refrigerator and uses baby shoes to leave tiny foot prints in her entry way! Her kids eat it up!!!

So here I sit with less then 24 hours to try to come up with a few cool things I can do to win a “Mother of the year award!” I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who needs some last minute help! So here you go friends! A collection of some great ideas from the web! Thanks Martha Stewart, Family Fun and other great resources! Click the images to be taken to their original posts!

Here’s a fun game to play with the kids! I’ve tried it! I’d like to hear form you guys how dumb it made you feel!!!

Anyone for a pot of gold!!!
Holy Stinkin’ cute! I love this little guy!

These little numbers are almost too pretty to eat! ALMOST!!! And let’s be honest! Ours won’t look nearly as beautiful as Martha’s! GET IN MY BELLY!

I’m not a Corn Beef and Cabbage kind of gal but this Shepherd’s Pie might do the trick for this years holiday menu! I’m picturing the mashed potatoes turning green!

Traditional Irish Soda Bread can add an authentic taste for the Special Day!

Ok Martha! How fun is this! This is one of those “Oh why didn’t I think of that!” My kids are doing to love this one!

This happy little Shamrock Boutonniere is as cute as they come! Simply and fast and I think they would also look adorable tied to a little bag or package full of treats!

And Check out THIS SITE to down load some awesome St. Patty’s day work sheets and activities for the kids! Cross Words, Word Searched and more!

And lastly send a free E-Card to your loved ones! Check out THIS SITE for a fun selection!

HAPPY HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day Eve!!!!


I bet if you looked under a Leprechauns jacket you may in deed find Ruffles!

***** I have two posts today so be sure to check out the one that posted before this one!

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In honor of this years day of Green and all things Irish and lovely…I’ve gone against my better judgment to create a Holiday Shirt Worthy of Leprechaun love!

I give full credit to the Dollar Store for making this project Possible!

Hello Dollar Store Shirts! Yep! These green shirts were hard to resist as I browsed the aisles of Dollar Tree! And for a total of TWO Bucks I was up for the challenge…heck! If it went horribly wrong it wasn’t going to cost me much!

I used the larger shirt as my ruffle supplier by cutting 1.5″ strips from it’s bottom.

I knew I wanted 6 total strips that varied in length. Remember these are doubled up in the photo…I cut each set of strips about 2″ shorter then the longer one that proceeded it to get the lengths I needed!

Then I sewed a straight stitch down the center of each individual strip being sure to set my machine to create the largest stitch possible.

Repeat until all six strips were stitched! (Say that 6 times fast!)

Now to turn them into ruffles! Simply pull one of the two strings to create a gather! You can do this from each end of the strip to push the gathers towards the center!

Finish Ruffling each strip and keep the long strings in tact.

Before I attached the ruffles to the shirt I wanted to adjust the neck line!

So I cut of the existing neck trim…

Used it as a template to create the new neckline…

And cut it out! Now I have the desired neck line I was hoping for! There I go again trying to show off the cleavage I don’t have!

Now we need to lay out our ruffles and pin them in place!

Straight Stitch them on and remove the pins and trim all the strings!

And lastly we’ll create a new neck trim by using a 1″ strip of fabric from the other shirt we’ve been cutting. Start near the shoulder and fold it over the edge and sew it on!

NO time to crop so pardon the lack of make up and smile! I have to bribe my kids to snap photos for me and today Cricket wasn’t in a bargaining mood!

Make up or no make up I’m in love with how this turned out! And take it from me…if your girls upstairs are lacking this here shirt is all you need to fluff up that section and put a little bounce in your step! Gotta love that!

So back off Pinch Happy friends! I’m covered this year!

P.S. people!

My friend Disney over at “Ruffles and Stuff” is hosting her first ever creative contest! Can you guess what it might involve?????

Ruffles! Ruffles! And more Ruffles!!!!

Be sure to submit your ruffle creations! The prizes are out of this world!


St. Patty’s Day Tea Towel

We already know I’m not the biggest fan of this holiday! I think it has to do with the fact that it has limited projects. I’m not exactly into commercial decorations for any holiday so this one becomes even more limited if I’m not in the mood for Leprechauns and pots of gold on my walls!

Here’s an easy way to get into the spirit of the holiday without going too commercial! Spice up your kitchen with a simple Green Tea Towel and consider yourself good!

I bought these towels at the dollar store! Never under estimate the power of your local Dollar Store! Don’t limit yourselves to the holiday selection. These green towels were in the housewares section!

And all we’ll do is add some green Ric Rack and Ruffles! It really it that easy!

Pin them in place…

And straight stitch them on!

It’s the tiny little details that add just the right amount of personal touch! For less then $2 You too can create a St. Patty’s day Accent!