"Corny" Valentine’s Treat!

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue!
This “Corny” Valentine’s Treat
Was made just for you!”

When I found plain white Pop Corn Buckets at Orson Gygi I had to get ‘em! I knew they would be perfect to decorate and fill with Homemade Caramel Popcorn and pass out to the girls I visit teach this month!

Remember my Doilie Dying technique I used HERE!?! I used some of those left over Pink Doilies and Ribbon to Valentines the heck out of these Buckets!

Looks like a hit!

Caramel Popcorn

Melt in sauce pan:

1 stick Butter
half a bag of mini marshmallows
3/4 cup brown sugar

When it’s completely melted and combined, poor over Popcorn. I prefer air popped popcorn ( 1 scoop) but you can also use two bags of microwavable popcorn.


Tic -Tac -Toe Anyone?

Ok people!!!!It’s doesn’t get any easier then this!

I picked up this Unfinished Wood Box that cleverly reminded me of
Tic-Tac-Toe Game for some reason!WINK WINK!

I painted her white…

Grabbed a few bags of Valentine’s Candy for the playing pieces…

And let my kids go crazy!
Big hit I tell ya!!

I chose white paint so I can use it year round! I’ll buy Holiday Candy throughout the year to use! Pretty sure the kids will enjoy this one for a while!


Mini Valentines Gift Boxes: The Dollar Store at its finest!

Gotta love the Dollar Store! It’s hard not to when you can stock up on adorable little odds and ends! Holidays seem to be the Dollar Stores specialties! Their decorations and candy for each and every Holiday are always a hit!

This Valentines was no exception! I raided the aisles and came up with this adorable little Valentines gift for the neighborhood girls!

I’m tempted to go back and buy up all of these Favor Boxes! They are perfect for filling with goodies and decorating to fit any occasion! 12 for $1! It’s a no brainer!

Remember all the Ruffles I picked up for super dirt cheap! Well here it is in action!

Glue with your hot glue gun two rows of Ruffles!

Dollar Store goodies like Chocolate Hearts, Sugar Babies and Tiny little Lip Gloss make the cut are are thrown in!
How cute are these 5 packs of Lip Glosses? I could’n resist!

Lastly we tied on Tulle to finish them off!

For less then $1 each you can create an adorable little Valentine’s gift!
I love these little guys! Made me wish I was a kid again! Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

And Come check me out over on I never Grew up!!! I’m being featured as a “Monday Maven!” How fun is that!!!


Bestest Sugars Cookies EVER!!! EVER!!!

Ok…So you know when you find the best recipe EVER and inside your head you hear a sneaky little voice that says

“Ooh!!!! You should never ever ever in a million years share this recipe with a single soul because then you can be the queen of (fill in the blank) making and everyone will think you’re fabulous and envy your baking skills and wish they were you!”

Well…this is one of those recipes but I told that sneaky little voice to hit the road!

This here Sugar Cookie recipe is the BEST! My dear friend Aspen shared this with me 4 years ago and ever since I’ve been so loyal to it I can’t bare to try another! They are moist and Soft and the perfect dough for any holiday! Cookie Cutters turn them into the perfect Halloween Bats! Best Ever Spring time Flower and of course the best heart shaped Valentine treat!

Best Ever Sugar Cookie

Blend together until smooth:

1 1/2 Cup Sugar
1 Cup melted Butter
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
2 eggs
1 Cup Sour Cream

Combined in separate bowl:

5 Cups Flour
1/2 Teaspoon Salt
1 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder

  • Add dry ingredients to wet and mix until combined.
  • Make a ball out of the dough and wrap in plastic wrap. Store in the fridge 2-3 hours or until firm. Over night works well too.
  • Once dough is firm roll out a portion of the dough onto a floured surface. You want the dough thick. I roll mine out to be about 1/3″ thick!
  • Cut with cookie cutters and place on greases cookie sheet.
  • Back at 375 for 10-12 min. You don’t want them golden brown. They will be the same shade as the uncooked dough.

To make the perfect glossy and smooth frosting simply warm in your Microwave a can of Strawberry Frosting for about 30 seconds. Stir it and warm it longer until it’s soupy. Dip your cooled cookies face down into the frosting and let the excess frosting drip off. Add Sprinkles right away so they can stick well. When the frosting cools it dries smooth!

My girls have been saving their money to buy their first pet! I told them if they could save half we’d go pick out their frogs! So guess who set up shop and sold these bad boys?

40 minutes and $23 dollars later they were picking out names for the Frogs that would soon be joining the family! Not too shabby for one batch of Cookies!

Meet Sally and Coco! I’m the farthest thing from a pet person! But these sweet little Frogs were hard to resist. You only feed them twice a week and clean their tank twice a year! I can handle that! If you’re looking for a low key pet be sure to check them out at Brookstone. It’s called a Frog-O-Sphere! Funny huh! They come complete with a years worth of food and already in their tank swimming around. Doesn’t get easier then that!

My girls are in heaven… This should buy me a year or so of them asking for a puppy right!


This ‘ain’t your grandma’s Doilie {Banner! }

Doilies! Gotta Love ‘em! This time of year they are out in full force! I have to admit that Valentines Day isn’t a favorite holiday of mine! Crazy huh! But it’s true…the hubs thinks it’s too commercialized and there for down plays the event! Don’t worry girls…before you send Mr. Blue Cricket hate mail let me add that he never disappoints when it comes to stepping up to my Valentines expectations! Can you say “Tuxedo Strawberries!” My fave!

Ok…back to business…Shall we make a silly little Doilie Banner that is perfect for this time of year and with my Dying technique it’s the perfect way to color coordinate any Party color scheme for an added touch of detail!

First things first! We need some Jell-O! Good old fashion Strawberry Jell-O will do the trick to tint our paper doilies a pretty pink!

Prepare it according to the instructions on the box and poor it into a cookie sheet.
Submerge your separated doilies and keep them soaking for approximately 5 minutes. I had about 10 soaking at a time so it goes pretty fast!

Drain them as best you can and place them on your oven racks. Set the oven to it’s lowest setting. Mine was 170 degrees and “Bake” them for about 5 minutes. The Jell-O does pool a little in and it won’t dry 100% even but I like that about it! Adds character!

Oh yeah… I’d recommend wearing gloves! Don’t ask me how I came to this brilliant conclusion!

Now onto the assembly… String your ribbon on your mantel! Be sure to leave some hanging on each end! I personally like the way it looks!

Then take your dried Doilies and fold them in half over the ribbon and staple them together! Alternate Pink and White all across the length of the ribbon.

Now we’ll add ribbon in between each doilie!

Once again get your stapler ready!!! You can also tie it on! Pick your poison!

I added Tulle to my ends for a little more excitement!

Simple and easy!

Mix up your color dying by using other flavors of Jell-O! I’ll be making a fun one for my little bugs 1st Birthday Bash!!! I’ve got a few month to figure out what color pallet I’ll be using!

Get dying people!


File Folder Activity Book!

My sister tipped me off to an awesome site called Finch Family Games ! She ordered the down loadable file folder activity’s and went to work assembling them into an awesome binder for her little ones to enjoy!

Aren’t they adorable! She was sure to buy at Walmart the clear Velcro tabs!Check out the Sheeps face! It has the sticky Velcro on it but you can’t even tell!

They’re too too cute! She laminated hers to better protect them! When you buy them from the site they are ready to print in color!

Also check out this site HERE for more FREE down loadable File Folder Activity’s! Looks Like I need to get to work!


Felt Flower Pin

I recently went to a Jewelry party. There I was surrounded by beautiful necklaces and bracelets and all things sparkly and beautiful! I draped things across my neck, dangled gems near my lobes and gazed into the mirror and in the end I came to the same conclusion I do every time I try to glitz up my look and dive head first into the world of accessorizing…

I am not a jewelry person! Try as I may I just can’t do it! I’m trying! Trust me I’m trying but I still can’t pull it off like so many of you can! Layers and sparkles and bangles “Oh my!” I want so badly to make it look right on me but it rarely does. SIGH!

So to make up for my lack of fashionable “Frosting” as I like to call it, I tend to spice up my look with a fun hair accessory or playful pin I can slap on my chest to show off my personality!

Meet my latest….
My large Blooming “Hello Friends!” Felt Flower Pin! She’s large and in charge and way more “Me” then the any strand of pearls and links that I try to convince myself I could pull off!

Felt, good felt, is so fun to work with with! Vibrant colors, lush texture and bold prints! I fell hard for this Hounds Tooth and could not wait to use it!

To make a fun Felt Flower you need to gather good Wool or a.k.a. Felt! It’s sold in a wonderful variety at good fabric stores or on line. You’ll also need a needle and thread, card stock to make a pattern, scissors, glue gun and a Broach Pin piece.

First draw out petal shapes and stagger the sizes. Mine are 2.5, 2, and 1.5 “. The joy of folk art crafting is the hand drawn charm of pattern making! Nothing has to be perfect!
Free hand is wonderful!

Use your pattern to cut out 7 large pieces and 6 medium pieces. ( If you want yours smaller them my finished flower then use the medium and small petal pattern!)

Now we’ll be adding a puckered pleat to our petals. This video my 6 year old shot shows you exactly how to do this much better then me trying to type out the instructions!

Pleat each of your petals!

Now you will stitch your petals together over lapping each petal slightly and finishing your stitching to create a circle. Repeat this step with your smaller petals so you have two completed petal layers.

Next you’ll layer the two petal sections and stitch them together.

Now we need to create our center fringed section! Take a 9″x1.5″ strip of Wool.

Cut very close slits creating your fringe approximately 1″ long.

Roll up your cut strip tightly.

Stitch the roll together and tie off and trim excess thread.

Pretty huh!!

Tuck your fringed center into the center of your layered petals and stitch it securely in place!

And lastly you’ll cover the stitching with a section of felt and glue on your Broach Pin piece!

Wear it on a jacket! Slap it on a bag! Glue it on a headband! It’s pretty much adorable everywhere!

So pardon my lack of jewelry my friends! I prefer flowers!