Freaky Friday: "Tatertots and Jello"

Welcome to Freaky Friday! We have the privilege of spending a little time with the amazing Jen from over at Tatertots and Jello! Big big fan! So sit back and relax as we dive into her world of fun!

Wow – I’m so excited and honored to be here at Becca’s AMAZING blog! Hi — I’m Jen from tatertots & jello.

I’m a mom of four who loves creating and trying out new things. I created tatertots and jello as a place to let out some of my creative energy and meet new friends!
Some of my loves are making bright and happy wreaths and door hangings…


and perusing the Dollar Store for things to remake!

And speaking of the Dollar Store,

I have a simple Dollar Store project to share with you!
With Valentine’s Day just around the corner,
this is a 10-minute, $2 Project to brighten up your table.

Easy Peasy!

I found these candles and square vases at Dollar Tree. I like the simple, square shape.

First I cut a strip of paper that was just a little taller than the candle. Then I took my scalloped punch and cut out a border at the top. I attached the paper to the candle with my trusty glue gun.

Then I cut out a heart out of white paper and traced the heart on the left over scraps of the patterned paper.

I used some glitter to sparkle up the edges. And I also put some ribbon on one of the vases. I dropped a few little heart candies in the bottom and I was done. If you have a Cricut or some lettering stickers, you can spell out something on your candle — like LOVE or XOXO. Couldn’t be simpler!

Thanks Becca — for letting me come visit your wonderful world!

I love it here!

Come by and say hi – I would love to meet you all.

And we love having you here Jen!!!! Thanks for the amazing inspiration!



  1. 1

    So cute! I love the Dollar Store. Great ideas Jen! Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2

    Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake. I love it. Going to check out your blog right now!

  3. 3
    annie valentine says:

    Becca, you and your friends amaze me. It's almost motivating enough to force me to put my bagel down and heat up my hot glue gun. Almost.

  4. 4

    Jen! So fun to see you here! What a fun project! I love tatertots and jello! : )

  5. 5
    Carmie - the Single Nester says:

    I love Tatertots and Jello and Jen is a sweetheart!! The nicest blogger.

  6. 6

    I love both of your blogs so much you are both so uber talented!! I am on my way over to Tatertos and Jello to see what Becca is up to!!

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