"Sister In Law Fest 2009!!!!"

So you remember these little love birds?

This is my Brother in law and his Megan! They were my first engagement Shots! I loved their photo shot almost as much as I love them!

Well lets just call those the BEFORE!

and these the AFTER…

Thanks to young love we had the perfect excuse to get together as a family! We haven’t been together as a whole family like this in over a year so you could imagine the child like excitement I had building up for weeks!

My most favorite people on earth were all together all under one roof! I have to admit I adore my In laws! All of them! We Sister in laws have a pretty amazing bond and being together was such a treat!

A little rehearsal dinner fun… Me and my man!
Aunt Tiffany and Cricket!
Mike and Uncle Josh! Seriously Josh I love you! “Pinky Pie Pony!!!”

Cricket and her crazy mom…that would be me!
My SIL Steph from Somewhat Simple and I have been known to get a little Crazy when we are together! This trip was no exception!

Tippy and I after the ceremony!
We are missing two SIL’s but here we are together representing girl power!!

There was plenty of grub! Check out the Cake table!

Ahh it was a magical get together! Get ready for a week long walk down Memory Lane of “Sister in Law Fest 2009!” We crafted! We cooked and we stayed up way past our bedtime! You won’t want to miss the aftermath!!!

Tomorrow Megan’s Pearl Ribbon Necklaces are up for your viewing pleasure! Till them I’ll just be here reminiscing about Celebrity, bed bugs! YIKES, Mandarins, Ribs and Pinky Pie Pony!

See ya tomorrow!



  1. 1

    What beautiful photos! I have to admit, I'm totally envious of your girl time! What I wouldn't give for my girlfriends right now!!

  2. 2
    Drew&Samsmom says:

    I love your photos!!! It looks like you had a great time!

  3. 3
    Its So Very Cheri says:

    Your photos are great. And that cake table makes me what to jump through the computer screen and taste each cake. Was each one a different flavor–such a great idea if it was, each one is so beautiful.


  4. 4
    Steph @ somewhatsimple says:

    I want to go back!!!!

  5. 5

    What beautiful photos! The cake table is incredible. I look forward to your postings.

  6. 6

    hi becca — love the wedding photos!
    i was really inspired by your blue frame and ornaments — i am still workng on mine, but can i post them and mention your blog and a link? i'd love to you if you give me the ok ! you are so dang creative! think i'll be on a hunt for a front door chalkboard now!
    please let me know – jen

  7. 7

    that wedding dress was perfection. so classic and beautiful, and you captured it so well.
    and it's so wonderful that you have great SIL's!

  8. 8
    Josh and Tiff says:

    that was just a fun weekend! why can't we all live within an hour of each other. that would be ideal. I miss everyone already!

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