Problem solved!

Tell me this…Does anyone else have to deal with this problem? Why is it so hard to put the seat down!!! Well I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution! Time to order some Vinyl!

No longer is the Kitchen or Hallway the only place to get a little Vinyl love! I came up with a Vinyl saying for a much needed reminder in this neglected area of the home!

Don’t Forget to…

Say your prayers, Live,
Laugh & Love, Choose the
right, Say please & thank
you, remember who you are,
say I love you, look both
ways, and eat your vegetables!
Oh yeah….
Flush the toilet and


I think this will help!

Here’s the AFTER:

To get your very own Toilet Seat reminder you can order this here saying I came up with from my Sister in Law Steph from over at Somewhat Simple! Tell her I sent ya and that you too need a little vinyl for your throne! She’ll be selling this saying on her etsy shop or you can email her at [email protected]!

Let the Toilet Vinyl revolution begin!

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