Uncle J’s Sac Town Ribs!

Our Sacramento Trip resulted in a lot more then just Sisterly Creativity! The Men Folk also joined in and created a few memorable creations of their own… Ok! So maybe one did! My Bro-In Law Jason treated us to mouthwatering Ribs that were so worthy of replicated they made it onto our Christmas Dinner Menu! You know they have to be pretty darn amazing if I have to make them again in less then a weeks time!
Dry Rub Ribs


1 Cup brown sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons paprika
1 1/2 tablespoons salt
1 1/2 tablespoons ground black pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder

Combine Dry Rub Ingredients in a bowl. Prep your Rack of Pork Ribs. Place each Rack onto a sheet of Aluminum Foil.

Rub your Dry rub onto each Rack covering both sides!

Next add a Top Sheet of Aluminum Foil to each Rack! Tightly fold each edge to create a Pouch!

Now you’ll want to place each Rack of Ribs onto a Cookie sheet and throw them into the Refrigerator over night for a little Marinating Magic to occur!

The next day as you grab your milk for your A.M. Cereal you’ll get that Christmas Morning Feeling when you’re greeted by silvery pouched of LOVE!!!

Bake your Ribs at 220 for at least 5 hours! Your house will smell incredible! Feel free to slather on some BBQ sauce after baking but I strongly recommend tossing them on the old Barbi and grilling them for about 10 minutes! It gives them a slight caramelization only prolongs your agony for a few more minutes but it’s well worth the tourtute!

Ok…stop licking your Computer Screen! Your kids are getting frightened!

Thanks Jay Bird! These were such a hit we sent left overs home with Josh from Christmas Dinner and someone stole them from his office Fridge! They are so freakin’ awesome people are willing to lower their moral standards just to get their hands on them!


Craft #3:Easy Peasy Scrap Fabric Barrettes

I brought this last project to the family gathering! I’ll admit they are probably as easy as they come but pack a cute punch! And they include all my favorite things…

Scrap Fabric
Dollar store Clips
Dollar Store Crafting Floss!

No joke these probably cost like 15 cents each to make…if that!

First things first…

Cut out your three sections. Two Pieces of Felt and one piece of Fabric. These pieces are 1″ x 2″. Basically you want to cut the Felt and Fabric large enough to cover the Clip with extra room on all sides to allow for stitching.

Take one piece of Felt and cut a small slit large enough to slip your clip through.

Slide your clip through the slit and close the clip.

Now we will assemble the clip. Stack your fabric on top of your Felt and place it on top of your Clip that has already been inserted into your last piece of Felt.

And lastly we’ll Stitch a simple stick with Floss and tie it off to finish it! I love using bold colors that pop off the fabric!

Simple, fast and affordable! We sat for over an hour just talking and making these! It’s also the perfect project to occupy your time while you pretend to enjoy the Football game you’re stuck watching with your hubby! Don’t ask me how I know!


Craft # 2: Butterfly Clips…or a variation of such! Oops!

Craft # 2 of our Sister In Law Craft feast 2009!

Butterfly Hair Clips
brought to you by Stephanie of Somewhat Simple!

Meet Stephanie! Steph and I go way back…Like prehistoric really! We grew up together in our early teenage years and became fast friends! We went to girls camp together, high school together and vacationed together. But do you want to hear the coolest thing… We married brothers…two weeks apart! It’s pretty darn fantastic that one of best friends became my Sister in Law! We share so much in common and being creative is one of them!

So Stephanie loves to make a fun a Hair Clip! So thanks to her we got to try our hand at making Bug Clips!

Like how mine turned out?

Yeah!!! Nothin’ fools you huh! Mine was a near disaster Butterfly gone terribly wrong! I had to salvage it and turn it into a Present like Bow Clip instead! ( ok… so this is what happen when I get a little to confident and simply look at a photo and think to myself “Self! You know how to make that!” Well looks like a few directions would have come in handy!) So near disaster averted and a fun little tutorial for you was born.

You’ll need to cut two coordinating Ribbon Colors. Each Loopy section will consist of two ribbons, one slightly longer then the other.

Cross the ends and glue them with your glue gun!

Place the smaller Loops inside the larger loops and glue. Repeat 4 more times but this time cut the Ribbon even shorter then the first time for these last 4 sets of loops! In total you will have made 8 sets of loops like shown in the photo above.

Then layer and stack the loops and glue them together! Add a gem to the center and glue on a covered Alligator clip! See…still cute right?

This is what it was suppose to look like! And check out Stephs Adorable Bumble Bee! YES!!!Following directions does have it’s advantages!

Advantage #1:
You results look like there’re suppose to!

Advantage #2:
You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope you can salvage what you started!

Advantage #3:
Your daughter gets exactly what she wanted! A Butterfly Clip! Oops! Sorry Cricket! Aunt Steph saves the day and gives you hers!!

Moral of the story…

Follow the Directions!

That is if you want to make a Butterfly!


Craft #1: Ribbon and Pearl Neclace

So it’s a well known fact I have incredible Sister in Laws! Arguably the best known to man! I’d pretty much spend as much time as I could with them if I could. But now that we are spread across the Western United States it a relished treat for us to be together!

Thankfully we had one last Brother in law tie the knot and that meant one thing…

“Sister In Law Fest 2009!”

The weekend before Christmas we all meet out in Sacramento! We haven’t been together like that for well over a year! I was in Heaven! Sadly one SIL could not be there but the other 4 of us caught up, made some new memories and worked on projects together!

Meet Megan #1! No really! That’s what we have to call her! She’s Megan #1 because as of that weekend we had a Megan #2 joining the Sisterhood! Fun huh!

This here pretty little lady is everything you’d want in a SIL and in a friend! She is an incredible mother and amazing home maker! You should see her Cake Making skills! I just adore Megan
#1! And man can she rock out at a Celine Dion Concert! She is a mother to two beautiful kids and her hubby is almost done with Dental School! If it were up to me Megan #1 and her family would move close to me once Dr. D is done with school! One can hope right!

We each brought a project for us to do over the 4 day trip and this Ribbon Pearl Necklace project is brought to us by the Wonderful Megan #1!

Here’s what you need:

  • Pearls
  • Satin or Grosgrain Ribbon 3/8th”
  • Needle
  • Crafting Floss
  • a little practice
  • Measure the Ribbon to the length you want your necklace and be sure to account for the extra length you’ll need to tie a bow at the ends.
  • Find the center of your ribbon and tie a know a few inches away from the center. We are creating the area of the necklace that will hold the pearls. You can decide how large or how small this area will be.
  • Now you need a long piece of Crafters Floss. Thread tends to be too weak so use Floss. I used three out of the 6 strands that come in the woven floss. Tie a knot at the end of your floss and stick it through the ribbon close to the knot.
  • Now add a Pearl to your thread and then thread it through the ribbon again. Look closely at the picture to notice the pattern of pearl and ribbon.You are basically weaving a ribbon through a strand of pearls!
  • Once you have your section of Pearls as long as you’d like Tie off your Floss with a few stitches and knots.
  • Tie one last knot on next to the last pearl.
  • Burn the edges of the ribbon with a lighter to keep it from fraying and you’re set!

Isn’t she a beaut!

Here is a shorter version for a delicate Bracelet!

And here’s another version Megan and Stephanie made! Cool huh!!!

Thanks again Megan for an awesome Project! Miss you already!

More “Sister In Law Feast 2009″ fun to come!


"Sister In Law Fest 2009!!!!"

So you remember these little love birds?

This is my Brother in law and his Megan! They were my first engagement Shots! I loved their photo shot almost as much as I love them!

Well lets just call those the BEFORE!

and these the AFTER…

Thanks to young love we had the perfect excuse to get together as a family! We haven’t been together as a whole family like this in over a year so you could imagine the child like excitement I had building up for weeks!

My most favorite people on earth were all together all under one roof! I have to admit I adore my In laws! All of them! We Sister in laws have a pretty amazing bond and being together was such a treat!

A little rehearsal dinner fun… Me and my man!
Aunt Tiffany and Cricket!
Mike and Uncle Josh! Seriously Josh I love you! “Pinky Pie Pony!!!”

Cricket and her crazy mom…that would be me!
My SIL Steph from Somewhat Simple and I have been known to get a little Crazy when we are together! This trip was no exception!

Tippy and I after the ceremony!
We are missing two SIL’s but here we are together representing girl power!!

There was plenty of grub! Check out the Cake table!

Ahh it was a magical get together! Get ready for a week long walk down Memory Lane of “Sister in Law Fest 2009!” We crafted! We cooked and we stayed up way past our bedtime! You won’t want to miss the aftermath!!!

Tomorrow Megan’s Pearl Ribbon Necklaces are up for your viewing pleasure! Till them I’ll just be here reminiscing about Celebrity, bed bugs! YIKES, Mandarins, Ribs and Pinky Pie Pony!

See ya tomorrow!


Sweater Revamp

Man I love a good revamp! This latest sweater makeover is a new personal favorite! I took these two Items…

And turned then into this…

LOVE IT!!!!!

So I picked up this American Eagle Sweater from my favorite discount store, DownEast Clearance Center! This store sells a Hodge Podge of Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Red Envelope, Down East, J Crew, American Eagle and other Brands. The inventory is slightly damaged, monogrammed or scratch and dent! It’s a dream come true for someone like me who loves to turn otherwise unusable Quality Items into Original creations.

Anyway… I picked up this sweater that had a small hole in it for $2.50! For weeks I held onto it just waiting for an idea to pop into my head!

That idea finally came when I scored this little lovely while pillaging a bag of cloths my sister was going to toss! STOP THE PRESS!!!! What a find! (For sure she hates that she parted with such a gem NOW! Sorry Boopers!)

I cut out it’s beautiful and intricate details and started to arrange them on my sweater being sure to cover the hole!

Using as much of it as I could I even liked the look of reusing it’s buttons. I later decided against using all of them because of where they laid on my body once it was all put together! Let’s just say it could have been offensive if you know what I mean!

I pinned the appliques on and Zig Zag Stitched them on!

Ba-da Bing! Ba-da Bang! A brand new “Anthropology-esk” Sweater! I know we aren’t suppose to love things as much as I do this Sweater but I just can’t help myself! I HEART her!!!!


Problem solved!

Tell me this…Does anyone else have to deal with this problem? Why is it so hard to put the seat down!!! Well I think I’ve come up with the perfect solution! Time to order some Vinyl!

No longer is the Kitchen or Hallway the only place to get a little Vinyl love! I came up with a Vinyl saying for a much needed reminder in this neglected area of the home!

Don’t Forget to…

Say your prayers, Live,
Laugh & Love, Choose the
right, Say please & thank
you, remember who you are,
say I love you, look both
ways, and eat your vegetables!
Oh yeah….
Flush the toilet and


I think this will help!

Here’s the AFTER:

To get your very own Toilet Seat reminder you can order this here saying I came up with from my Sister in Law Steph from over at Somewhat Simple! Tell her I sent ya and that you too need a little vinyl for your throne! She’ll be selling this saying on her etsy shop or you can email her at [email protected]!

Let the Toilet Vinyl revolution begin!

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