Sweet Corn Cake: Trust me!!You’ll dream about this yummyness!

Who knew three simple ingredients could induce such mouth watering reactions!! For reals! I can’t look at this post without drooling!

I created this recipe probably 5 years ago! I was in love with the El Torito Sweet Corn Cake and I found it sold in a mix at my local Grocery Store but it was like $4 just for the mix! As amazing as it was I was pretty sure I could figure out a way to create the same results! And By George I did! Now this simple concoction is a staple side dish any Taco Night, Chili Night and Savory Soup Nights! It’s the perfect compliment!

Becca’s Sweet Corn Cake!

All you need is:
1 Box Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix .50 cents
1 Can Cream Style Corn .88 cents
I stick Melted Butter less then .50 cents!!!

(See how affordable!!)

Combine all the above ingredient and pour it into a cooking dish. I highly recommend a Bread pan. It’s deeper and will create the moist result that is spoonable and sooo grub!

Bake at 425 for about 25 min. You will want it golden brown. It will spoon out and be so moist and amazing!

***To make it a little sweeter add a Tablespoon of Sugar into the batter before baking! Sometimes when I buy certain generic brands of Creamed Corn I need to add the sugar!

This is so perfect to add as a scoop into a bowl of Tortilla Soup or Chili! This is my most requested recipe! Anyone who has it falls in love!

I’d love to hear how you guys like it!!!So whip up a batch tonight and report back!


"We’re CRAZY for you!" Valentine’s

Fancy that!!! I captured a photo of my two oldest while in their natural state!!!!

I loved this photo so much! Honestly! Who doesn’t have a photo like this! Use those crazy photos, or take a crazy picture of the kids and get to work on fun and playful Valentines!

What you’ll need:

  • A Crazy Picture of you, your kids, the fam, your pet!
  • Card Stock or a Ready to make Card set
  • Fabric
  • Wonder Under
  • Sewing machine

First Take your photo and add text! I use Photoshop but you can also use Photobucket or Picnik! Have them printed!

Next either cut your Card Stock to size or get your premade ready to use cards ready!

Find fun festive fabric and iron on Wonder Under to its back side!

Cut your fabric to a size that is smaller then the face of your card but larger then your photo! Remove the paper backing from the Wonder Under and iron it on to your card!

Lastly you’ll mount your photo on a complimentary card stock or scrapbook paper to create a colorful boarder. Then Position your photo onto the card and Zig Zag Stitch it in place!

A fun way to add a personal touch to a fun Holiday tradition!



Giant 2 foot Paper Mached Letter “D”: $8

Painting Supply’s: $4

Always knowing what letter your last name starts with: PRICELESS

I’m lovin’ how my giant “D” turned out! I rested my “D” on my kitchen window to dry but fell in love with how it looked there so there she sits! Perched on my sill proud and confident in her own abilities to represent the family well!

“Miss. D” was a fun project! I always love a distressed finish. They are a work in progress up ’till the very end! Add a little more here! Cover up a little too much there! It’s not until I see it the next day that I’ll know if I like how it turned out!

So if you are up for a little experimentation and self declaration I say get goin’ on a faux finish!

I snagged my Huge Monogram “D” from JoAnn’s! Sadly I left my 40% off coupon at home! Shucks! I painted a burnt shade of Orange that I self mixed and let ‘er dry.

Next step was to sand off the edged to expose the raw paper once again.

I then mixed a small quarter sized amount of brown paint with a few teaspoons of water to get a diluted brown that would be easy to wipe up. Paint in on all the edges…

and wipe off the excess wet paint. This leaves behind a beautiful aged edge. You can easily stop there and enjoy your new aged look! But you know me… the faux finishing must go on!

I went into my arsenal of weapons and put to work my Distressing Ink and metallic paint. I dry brushed on the Metallic paint and then Inked away. This was the fun part! It all added depth and character!

And there she is! Sittin’ pretty!


Get Hip with a Clip Board

Happy birthday to my good Friend AMY from over at
Mod Podge Rocks!

Amy has single handedly sparked a craze for all things Decoupaged and Mod Podge definitely Rocks especially when she gets her hands on it! So in honor of her birthday I’m showing off a personal Favorite Project of mine! I can’t tell you how many of these clip boards I’ve made over the years! And of course! Mod Podge was involved!

Happy Birthday Amy! May you get spoiled by all those who love you and licked to death by your puppy companions!

Oh… and may your comment box be FILLED with Birthday wishes from your adoring fans!!! HINT!! HINT!!!!!

Has a clip board ever looked so Hot!!!! I think NOT!!!These one of a kind wonders will make list making, note taking and writing all the more fantastic!!! Perfect gifts for teachers, busy mom’s and best friends!

Not only do they sport attractive front sides but you should get a look at their back side!!! A perfectly complimentary design will surprise you on the back! And who doesn’t love a good surprise!!!


scrapbook paper
clip board
mod podge

Cut your paper to fit each side of the Clip Board! Use Mod Podge to adhere the paper onto each side. I use a credit card to get any bubbles out! Add a layer of Mod Podge on the top sides of the paper to seal it nicely!

Once it’s all dry add coordinating ribbon and buttons in the Clip Section!


Frayed…in a good way!

Headbands! Headbands!Get you’re Headbands! Make a frayed Headband! It’s easy and cheap and all the cool kids are doing it!

Create a pattern by cutting a headband shape out of Poster Board. You’ll need to cut it on the Poster Boards Diagonal!
Trace and Cut it out. You can use less then 1/8 of a yard of fabric.

Stack your cut fabric on top of another coordinating fabric. Pin it down and sew it on.

Cut out slightly wider then the first layer so now you have a double layered headband.
Now lets add a little detail! I added leaves.

Layer the leaves and straight stitch them with a coordinating colored thread that is visible. Avoid using the same color thread as the leaves.

Super easy! Super cute! Get creative with your detail work! Applique on flowers and birds and call ‘er done!


2009 Featured Recipes ready to print!

Drum Roll Please!!!!

The First Annual Blue Cricket Design Recipe Collection!

I’ve compiled my 2009 Featured Recipes and made them available for you! You’ll find fan favorites and a few extras I’ve added for good measure including my AMAZING White Bread Recipe!

So print off and enjoy!



Home Depot here we come!

Wanna make something Pretty!!!!??? I always aim to please!
Check out these Puppies!
I know what you’re thinking…
“I want that!”

I saw these on The Small Object after searching her archives. I’m a pretty good judge of character and knew right off the bat that she was all kinds of wonderful. Once again I was right!This project Rocks! It’s a May 2005 work of art if you ask me!

You need three things…

  • Washers from Home Depot. And I warn you! You will get that “Damsel in Distress” look from the sales guy when he asks you what size you need and what you’re using them for! I avoided answering. Pretty Sure Orange Aproned Men don’t like to hear their department is a new hit with house wives across America for gathering jewelry supplies! I used 3/8th, 5 /16th and the next smallest size.
  • Ribbon! Any color your heart desires! I used 5/8″ Satin. And when it comes to cutting a length follow this motto: “Longer is better! Longer is Better!” I would cut at least 60″. You’d be surprised how much ribbon is used in the weaving process! You’ll want plenty of slack on each end so you can tie it off in a bow!I found this out the hard way!
  • A Calm Zen Like mood! Trust me… you’ll read, and stare at these photos and still wonder if you’re doing it right! This one is a wee bit difficult to explain!
Ok… let’s get on with it! Don’t worry… I’m nervous too!

First you will want to lay out your washers. I did two versions one that had a growing Pattern…
6 small
6 medium
6 large washers.

The next one I did:
4 small
5 medium
7 large
5 medium
4 small

Take your first washer and string it onto your ribbon like the photo illustrates. Be sure to leave plenty of slack on the end.

You are going to go up the center of the first washer, over the top of the next and down it’s middle lacing the ribbon back through the center of the first washer.

Pull it tight and it should look like this.

Now we keep repeating the steps…

Take the ribbon up the center of washer on top, over the top of the next and down it’s middle lacing the ribbon back through the center of the washer before it. Can you see what I mean in the picture? Here’s a different angel. Notice the ribbon and see if you can follow the pattern.

Keep following the steps until you finish your washer pattern.

Tighten the ribbon and tie off the first and last washer with its long ribbon. Burn the ribbon edges to prevent fraying.

Once you get the hang of it they are pretty easy to make! I know it seems complicated! Just re read and study the photos! That’s what I had to do! And feeling dumb is completely normal! I’m pretty used to the feeling so I just rolled with it! And there’s nothing like conquering a tricky tutorial! I feel like I can do ANYTHING!!!!


Colored Waffles

A fun tradition we have over here in the Blue Cricket Household is to have Colored Waffles or Pancakes on Special Occasions! Birthdays, Holidays and Important days like ” The First Day of School” all warrant a few drops of Food Coloring and a sprinkle of Powdered Sugar!

My girls LOVE this! They get to pick their color and off we go mixing away! Check out my Belgium Waffle Recipe HERE!!! Super yum and worth the time it takes!

This is one tradition I love as a mom myself! The night before a birthday I have heard little chatter boxes in their beds asking their sister what color she should chose for her Birthday Pancakes! I hope this is something my kids will do with their own little ones down the road.

Traditions! Ummmm! Yummy!

Do you guys have any special traditions your kids look forward to? Do you remember a tradition from your youth that brings a smile to your face just thinking of it! I love hearing what others are up to! Traditions are a favorite topic of mine!!! I’d love to hear some of yours!


What to do with a BIG ‘ol stack of Jeans!

16 pair of Jeans stared me down! Stacked high on a power trip they taunted me with their obvious usefulness yet they knew I was putting them off…so they used it against me! They tortured me as they cluttered a corner of my closet. I heard their laughter and snickers to each other as they made bets to see if I’d ever make time to tackle them. For months they got away with murder! Got off Scott free as I kept avoiding making eye contact with them. Then… One day in December I showed them who was boss!

Take that you evil stack of Denim Apparel! Who’s laughin’ now!

Thanks to my collection of Jean Castaways and a Hubby’s nearing Birthday, I finally concured the mountain of Denim that set up shop in a corner of my home! I honestly had no desire to make a Denim quilt but when your husband puts up with all your creative CRAP and asks for only ONE thing in return, it’s pretty hard to say no!

Mid summer while shopping at our favorite Discount Store, DownEast Clearance Center, The hubs eyes lit up when he saw all the damaged Jeans! $1 a pair or fill a trash bag for $10! How could he resist! So there a dream was born of a quilt made of Blue! I resisted! I bargained! I rolled my eyes! Yet deep down I knew I had to do it!

So months later I finally sleighed the Dragon and busted out a quilt made with LOVE for the one I love!

Tricks, Tips and Short cuts when making
a Denim Quilt:

  • Keep it simple! I cut Long strips down each leg. I used my straight edge acrylic cutting edge and just cut long 5″ wide strips.
  • Lay them out and stagger the strips to create a Hardwood Floor like look! This saves you tons of time and keeps it looking pieced, more modern and fresh.
  • When considering the backing CHEAT!!!! I bought a king size Fleece blanket from Walmart for $19. Fleece is expensive and the amount I needed was going to be way costly and require me to sew together two large panels in order to make it large enough. So to avoid the annoying seam and the cost just go buy a blanket large enough to use as baking! And because it was thick enough I didn’t need to buy any batting either! HUGE cost saver!

Yes!! I was “Wife of the year” when I surprised my man with his very own Denim Quilt! I think he had given up hopes of me ever making it! I kept telling him it was a “Fall Project!” Ok…so it was more of a “Winter Project!” But It’s done! And I never again have to look at that stack of Jeans again!

The End!

Oh Happy Day! I’m being featured over on

Mod Podge Rocks!

for Amy’s new behind the creator series! Come check it out! There is a photo of me spanking Pretzel dough you won’t want to miss! Black mail worthy? YES!


Cosmo Cricket Gift tags

Find the Casual Blogger Conference Giveaway HERE

Even I love a “Craft” that doesn’t require much more then cutting a straight line! I’m not above buying already made items that serve a purpose and make my life easier!

I’ve really been into Gift Tags Lately! I love making that last touch that makes a gift or plate of cookies look all the more important!

I saw these sheets of Scrapbook paper this weekend at Roberts Crafts and if the 40% off sign didn’t grab my attention enough the adorable images did!

I’m in love with Cosmo Crickets Line of paper they have out right now! The vintage and throw back images and prints totally speak to me! Each of these sheets come with 18 separate images that are adorable on each side! I knew they would make the perfect gift tags to have on hand when I was in a pinch and didn’t have a hand made one to slap on a gift!

I picked up one of each design…

“Early Bird”

“the Boyfriend”

“girl Friday”

“Earth Love”


The fronts of each card are just as wonderful as the reverse side! It was hard to decide which side to show off! And lets do the math… 18 gift tags for $1!!!! or in my case 40% off! C-Ra-Zy!!!!
Now I have an entire supply of ready to go gift tags!

Don’t be ashamed all you creative minds! Even the best of us need to cheat every once in a while! Don’t tell anyone but I also have a tub of premade cookie dough in the fridge! Shhh!!!! Keep it on the down low would ‘cha!