Gift Wrapping! It’s in the Details!

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I’m still sort of on a high over it!

ok…on to today’s post…

Here we are knee deep in December! Hopefully it’s been an enjoyable month so far! I think the stress level will increase the closer we get to the 25th don’t you! I’m happy to report my shopping is D-O-N-E!!!!! Now it’s on to the wrapping!

I love a beautifully wrapped gift! I was lucky enough to grow up with a mom who was a professional gift wrapper! I’m not jokin’! She actually worked in a department stores Gift wrapping department at one time! We always had gifts with impeccable creases and hidden tape! It was magical really!

I may not be as precise as my mother but I do love trying my hand at a beautiful presentation! It’s all about the small details! A beautiful gift tag or a added touch on the tie! It’s fun to go crazy when it comes to wrapping gift!

Here’s a little gift box I’m using that has a little bit of sparkle and special added touch.

I picked up this fun Chinese Take out Box from Robert’s Crafts for $1.50. Alone it’s pretty darn cute and by simply adding a bow you’d be pretty much set! But I like to take it one step further..

By adding just one more detail you can kick it up a notch! These layers of Poinsettia’s are shimmery and the glitter dot is one more pop of bold color and texture! It’s still simple which I like but dressing it up a tiny bit makes it feel important!
You can do the complete opposite and wrap a gift like my husband does…

Like that?!?!
He prefers Tape and a Stapler to frills and lets say WRAPPING PAPER!
Lucky me!

Check out some of these other beautiful ways to present a beautiful gift!
(HINT HINT Michael!!!)

Check out HGTV’s tips and trips!

And I love Good Housekeeping Ideas on how to create a Gift Wrapping station!

And lastly I just wanted to show off these fun colors! Think outside of Green and Red this Christmas! Any color combination can lend itself to Holiday cheer when done tastefully!

Do you guys have a non traditional Color Scheme this year!
You’ve seen me going nuts with Blues, Reds and Greens! I just adore it!
What’s your favorite thing to add to a package to make it festive and special?



  1. 1

    My tree is decorated with all the colors in a multi-color strand of lights, so pink, green, blue, orange and red. Being a little OCD, my papers are a combo of all of them. Kinda fun, cute papers. Nothing very traditional! I will have to get a few pics up on my blog…

  2. 2

    I love your giftwrapping ideas. I even think your husbands giftwrap was kinda clever for a guy. My husband usually uses 2 or 3 rolls of tape trying to wrap a gift for me. He has gotten smarter in the past few years and has it giftwrapped at the store.
    My tree is decorated petty traditional with the exception of some sparkling green garland that I went crazy with.
    I found Silver paper with little pink Santa hats, so I'll be using it quite a bit and the other paper is silver and I'll add various ribbon colors.

  3. 3
    Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training says:

    Your package turned out supper cute!

    Your husband’s package well……let’s say it’s creative without trying to be :o) Too funny! It totally reminds me of my fiancée like to wrap presents. Last year he even put one of my gifts in a trash bag for me! He’s working on it though.

    This year I’m using a black houndstooth paper, a red and white scrolly paper, and a lime green with white polkadots. They look super cute all bunched up together under my tree!

  4. 4

    Pretty packages. Gotta love your husband's package, isn't the saying
    "can't judge a book (package) by it's cover".

  5. 5

    I'm actually going natural this year, with paper sack colored wrapping paper, twine, and a little bit of red!

  6. 6
    Sweet Bee Cottage says:

    So cute! So simple! So creative!

  7. 7

    love your husbands wrapping! my husband usually tries to get ME to wrap my own gifts, but that is where i draw the line. no way will i wrap my own gift!
    cute wrapping ideas! i ADORE cutely wrapped gifts…they are almost better than the gift itself. (sometimes)
    congrats on your feature. i'm going to go check it our right now!

  8. 8

    Very cute ideas for wrapping. I too love to get creative. Though I no longer let my hubby wrap. The last time he wrapped a present it was done in duct tape. I don't mean a few pieces. The whole box was covered in duct tape. One big grey square with red ribbon and a bow. So either I wrap everything or he has it gift wraped.

  9. 9

    Your hubby may not know how to wrap… but he does know where to shop! I would love anything from J-Crew! : )

    Your package is super cute!

  10. 10

    I love the aqua blue and red combination. Unfortunately, I didn't know that when I bought the clearance wrapping paper last year after Christmas. LOL


  11. 11

    My husband wraps just exactly like yours! Thanks for the other lovely ideas!

  12. 12
    Auna Leigh says:

    i like mikeys wrapping. we must get it from the walker side. i don't wrap either! but i do apprieciate a grandly wrapped present becca~! maybe like on the 18th of april?

  13. 13

    LOL @ your hubby's wrapping! Check out my blog for how mine wrapped something for me!

  14. 14

    Cracking up over your hubby's "wrapping"…at least it's something from JCrew!

    I had fun with my wrapping this year too. Used white and brown wrap and added fun, non-traditional colors for the fabric bows, and scrapbook embellishments or mini ornaments for special touches.

    I've so enjoyed your blog since you began linking to Mi4M. Congrats on the feature at Today's Creative Blog!

  15. 15
    Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    I've been putting as much effort into my wrapping as my gifts this year! Maybe because I did a lot of homemade gifts. Ha! I used to buy my gifts, wrap them and fill out the tag!! Of course, the tags read "To My Domestic Goddess, From Your Love Slave". Never returned a gift either!

  16. 16

    OH MY GOSH! That last image with the pink and green the fluff and the glimmer….swoon.

    And you know how I love me some good wrap! I'm going to study this and make it my own. Leave it to you to reinspire.

    Since you are so good with the (re)inspiration stuff, do you think you could make a post about wait lines and complexions? Thanks!

    I'll just be right over here waiting on that…no worries!

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