2010 Here we come!

Resolution Time! I’d like to think of this time of year as a step in the right direction! All to often we set our selves up to fail! Setting endless goals that fulfill one purpose… to make us feel bad when we realize we SUCK at keeping goals! I will say this…three years ago I set a lofty goal for myself. NO MORE SODA!!! And here I sit three years later still Soda free and loving it! So I guess I’m not a total and utter failure every year!

Ok.. back to my rant… So this year I’ve been Inspired. I was sent an email from a reader sharing her New Years Tradition of focusing on a single word as her goal for the Year! A Beautiful tradition. She concentrated on “Simplify!” It meant wonderful things for so many aspects of her life! If she could just concentrate on the word “Simplify” it would change so much!

I loved this idea. I was taken by it simplicity and yet knew it had the potential to do so much. Immediately a word popped into my head and I knew it would be my focus for the year!


Selfishly I need to Serve others. It makes me feel good. It gives me something to do outside of my own personal responsibilities. I easily get lost in my own everyday hiccups I forget to look outside and see where I could better be utilized!

So I got so excited about the thought of focusing on a single word I had a hard time just picking one. Oops! Can you tell my other word is not going to be “Simplify!” I’m not there yet!

So this year I’d like to focus on three words or concepts if you will…

Following Through

Following Through will be a good one for me! I have endless good intentions but following through on them is the hard part…like doing laundry! Yeah…that whole process from start to finish takes me like 5 days! From now on…”Follow Through” will haunt my subconscious! A single days task! Can you imagine!

Planing, projects, activities! So many things that clutter my mind and my space will finally get the attention they so deserve!

Home! I need to work harder to make my Home the warmest most welcoming refuge my family will ever know! I need to make more of an effort to focus on it’s purpose. To comfort those who dwell in it’s rooms and inspire love and safety! To me that means editing the STUFF that I once called necessities and filling it instead with loving reminders of the things that are really important. It also means focusing on meal time, traditions, order and family.

So there you have it! My “New Years Resolution!” This year I plan on devoting much of my energy on Serving others, Following through on the intentions I make and creating a Home that is a Haven!

If you were to pick one word for your New Years Focus what would it be?


How To De-Seed a Pomegranate!

‘Tis the season for delicious Pomegranates! If you are anything like me the idea of this Sweet Cold treat is mouthwatering but the effort it takes to enjoy them is daunting and not worth the hassle! And the mess! YIKES!!That was until a few years ago when I learned how to PROPERLY De-seed these tantalizing little gems! Once I learned this easy trick Pomegranate Season put a new spring in my step!

Here’s the”How To” low down on how to prepare a Pomegranate for Proper Consumption!
(I properly consume them by the fist full!)

First you’ll make your one and only cut into the fruit. Cut the top off of your Pomegranate just barely cutting into and exposing the red fruit.

Next you’ll submerge your fruit in a bowl of room temp to cold water.
(Basically whatever cool temp is comfortable for your hands!)

Now you’ll start to pull apart the fruit while you hold it under water. This keeps it from spitting red juice that stains like crazy and causes you to curse in your mind! It also makes it easy to expose the gems and brush them off of their membrane.

Enjoy this little video my 6 year old recorded for your viewing pleasure! Like I said… it was filmed by a 6 year old!

You’ll find that the seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl and the pieces of white membrane float to the top! This makes it super easy to scoop the white pieces out leaving behind just the fruit! Clever huh!

And there you have it! In just a minute or two you will have de-seeded an entire Pomegranate!

And to keep them fresh and easy to enjoy simply drain the seeds and spreed them onto a plate lined with a few sheets of paper towel.Dry them and keep them in an air tight Tupperware container in the Refrigerator.

They will last for over a week if stored correctly but to be honest with you you’ll most likely eat them way before the week is up!!

And if you were wondering how to properly consume a piece of Licorice here’s little Charlie giving a “hands on” demonstration!


Adding a Signature to your blog post!

Have you guys noticed my fun new signature in all my post!!
It’s easy to add and you can customize one quick and easily!

Here’s the 411 on how to add your own Signature!

First jump on over to:
Online Personal Signature Maker!

Follow the easy step by step instructions! They will walk you through all your options! You can even scan your own handwriting in or search their endless options! I searched their options and had over 100 styles to chose from!

Style, size, color, and tilt are all up to you! Talk about Customized!

My one recommendation is to click the “Transparent” option when picking your background color! That way if you ever change the color of your blog background it will seamlessly translate and you don’t have to redo it!

Once you have created a fabulous signature get the html code! There will be a button to create it! Now we need to add it to our blog and place it in a spot that will AUTOMATICALLY have it in every post!

  • Go to your dash board
  • Click the “Settings” Button
  • Find the “Formatting “Button and click it!
  • Locate the “Post Template” and you’ll notice a box to it’s right.
  • Paste the html code for your signature in this box!
  • Save your settings!

And there you go!!! Your very own Customized Signature!

** It won’t appear in any of your old post. It will start to appear in each of your new posts!

Now wasn’t that easy!


White Bean Chili

Can you tell I needed a few days to recover from the Christmas high I was on! It’s been a whirl wind of a week! We returned from a beautiful week with family where we witnessed the last of the in laws getting hitched! It was a great gathering. It’s not often we can
all be together like that!

We got home just in time to finish last minute details before the Jolly Fat Guy came for his visit! The girls were happily slumbering while we stuffed the stockings and placed Santa’s presents under the tree! I still have to laugh! I can’t believe I’m in
the “Being Santa”stage of my life!CRAZY!!!

So here I sit still practically enclosed in trash and Christmas remnants! Don’t you think it would be a great idea for trash day to automatically be moved to the day after Christmas! We have to wait a week to get the evidence of over indulging completely out of here! And just when I think it’s all collected and bagged there’s more!!!

ok…moving on…

So if any of you cooked a Turkey for the big day and your left overs are staring at you every time you open your refrigerator I have the perfect little recipes for you!

I had this White Bean Chili at a friends house and fell pretty hard for it! I’ve made it a few times now and have adjusted it to work without fail and I have to say it’s a new family fav! So grab that Tupperware of Turkey and put it to work! You won’t regret it!

White Bean Chili

5 Cans White Beans
4 Cups Chicken Broth
1 Large Onion Chopped
1 Large Can Diced Green Peppers
2 Teaspoon Ground Cumin
1 Bag frozen Corn
3 cups Chopped Cooked Chicken or Turkey

Saute your chopped onions in 1 Tablespoon Oil until soft. Add it to your Large pot of simmering Chicken Broth. Add three cans of drained Beans. Take the other 2 cans of beans and BLEND blend in your blender. Add them to the large pot! This is the perfect way to thicken your Chili! Combined the remaining ingredient and simmer for approximately 20-30 min or until the corn and chicken is heated throughout! Serves about 8!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends! My heart if full and I feel so blessed! It’s impossible not to reflect on the meaning of this blessed day! I am filled with love and gratitude for a loving Savior who knows my heart. I send you all my warmest love! Please enjoy this video that touched me! I especially loved the end when we can see the compassion that is hopefully in all of us!

Enjoy the blessings that surround you! Merry Christmas my friends!


Save your wrapping paper…

Do as Granny says “Save that paper darlin’!”

Tomorrow morning as you tear into those gifts be sure to collect and save the paper! Trust me! It will come in handy if you consider it as Crafting Supplies! It’s also a wonderful
way to reuse a useful item!

As a kid my brother and sister and I used to make Confetti out of our wrapping paper to use New Years Eve!

It will make for wonderful backgrounds in card making and other fun paper crafts! So grab it, store it and pull it out next time you need a little splash of color!


Heather Bailey’s new Fabric Is calling my name!

All I want for Christmas is Heather Bailey Fabric!!! Her new line “Nicey Jane” is so girly and lovely! I wish I could have 2 yards of every single print! I’ll take more if a Wish fairy happens to be reading this!

Isn’t it dreamy!

And her cute model makes me want red hair…and a pink bike!

Check out the new line in this fun video!

Ok babe…if you are reading this here is a HUGE Hint on what to get me for Christmas! HB Fabric!!!!! It’s sure to please this Fabric Hoarder!


Music Note Gift Tags

Today I would love to share an easy and fun project perfect for this Holiday Season! Personal touches to any gift add charm and sentiment. Try your hand at Homemade Gift Tags to finish off those gifts before you put them under your tree or give them to your closest friends! They also make a wonderful gift given as a gift set to Piano Teachers, Music Instructors or anyone who enjoys the joy of Music!

Gather the following materials:

Scrapbook paper
Paper Cutter
Glue Stick
Distress Ink
A Holiday Stamp
School Glue
Hole Punch

Used Sheet Music! I buy my Sheet music at my local Thrift Store. Each one of these books were $1 or less!

Based on the size of your stamp, you will want to cut your sheet music to be slightly larger.

Use your Distress Ink on all the edges to add detail.

Now we need to cut our background paper. Use Scrapbook paper and cut it to be slightly larger and longer then your sheet music. By making it longer we can turn it into a Tag shape.

Cut off the top corners to achieve a tag like shape!

Time to Distress once again!

Use a glue stick to adhere your sheet music onto your scrapbook paper. Be sure to notice the music and make sure it’s arranged the correct way!

Now we can add our stamp detail!

Once the paint has dried we can then add our glitter!

Paint a thin layer of glue onto your stamp.

Stamp it on top of your painted stamp. It doesn’t have to be perfect! I think a layered whimsical look is best!

Sprinkle on your glitter!

Remove the excess glitter and watch it sparkle!

Punch a hole and add a ribbon to hang them on your gift boxes! Write the “To: and From:”
on the reverse side!

These are the perfect personal touch that are sure to be admired!





Please enjoy this video that speaks to our creative hearts!


Photo Board

Hi guys!!! Super excited to be featured over at

Fireflies and Jelly beans!!!!

Be sure to go check it out! Fawnda is hosting a “Favorites Things” Series highlighting her favorite Bloggers! Quite an honor to be included in such good company!!! Be sure to check out all the amazing bloggers! Thanks Fawnda!!!

My good friend was about to chuck this amazing frame! I literally went over to her house to get a cookie recipe and came home with this little gem!

A little fabric, hot glue and ribbon later we had a winner on our hands! I wish you could get a feel for it’s grandness. It’s approximately 2.5 x 3 feet! It was darling in my little girls room! I also used it to display hair clips for boutiques!

So next time you see a stack of old ugly frames just think of the potential!