"Beware of Dogs"

My mom has three Miniature Doxins.
She also had a birthday!

I had canvases in need of a purpose!
And an Idea for a little Birthday love!

Add it all together and this is what you get…

“Beware of Dogs” on 12 x 12 canvas!

I’m in love with making art work!
Smitten I tell ‘ya!


Kids Talk

“I love Jesus.
I love my family.
I can show love
by helping
my family and friends.”

When I was young I DREADED having to give a talk in Primary! It was something that would send me over the edge! I used to be bribed by my parents and still not all the candy in the world would get me to stand in front of all those kids and give a talk.

Thankfully my oldest daughter didn’t get cursed at a young age with my fear! When it was time for her to give her first talk I tried my darndest to make it as easy for her as I could!

I “wrote” this easy talk for her to “read!” It was a proud moment for me seeing her conquer my
fear and deliver her first talk! Now that she can read this little trick will be used with my second daughter…that is if she can get over her fear!!Poor thing! She’s just like her mama!


Baby Booties!

Baby Booties are easier then you think! Especially when you can find fantastic free patterns on line! I used the free pattern for these sweet little Bitty Booties from Heather Bailey. She shares a simple printable pattern HERE!

The key is using wonderful Boiled Wool! I found mine sold on a bolt at Hancock Fabrics. Heather Bailey also sells a wonderful line of high quality Wool on her website HERE!

The bottoms are made with suede! I think I may have to come up with an adult sized pattern for adults! I’m thinking Elf Shoes for me come Christmas time!


A little Photo Session Down Town

I’m a (Air Quotes) Photographer! Translation: I have a wonderful Camera, some pretty cool lenses, a creative eye and a love for capturing moments! It’s been an adventure taking photos of my own family and recently I’ve had others become brave enough to let me peer at them from behind a camera and snap a few shots! I’m proud of what I do! I love the creative process… from picking out comfortable shoes to wear, finding great photo locations, shooting and finally editing! It’s a lot of time and effort but I enjoy it all from start to finish.

My brother in law is in love! Like head over heels in love! Lucky for me that resulted in an engagement with a “Head over Heels in love” worthy gal! Now I’m in love!!! This little addition to the family is a perfect fit in my Sister in law arsenal!

They made perfect subjects for a little session in the City!

Introducing my first ever Engagement Session!

Theses are just a few of my favorites!

Tissue Paper Pom poms

Remember these fun Pom Poms I hung in the trees of my daughters Birthday Party!

I bought the large ones in a kit by Martha Stewart! They were on super mark down at my local Big Lots. A 5 pack was only $2! Can you believe it! Well I needed smaller sizes so I bought my own tissue paper and created a few more!

This is as easy as it comes and you can use any color and coordinate it for any party or room!

Each ball has between 10-12 sheets of tissue! In the example below I will be using one of the Martha Stewart pre cut kits but to get the same exact look just cut a scalloped or large zig zag edge on your own stack of tissue.

Lay out your tissue stack.

Begin folding your tissue like an accordion. My folds were approximately 1 1/2 – 2 inches wide.

Attach a 8 inch piece of wire in the center and make a loop on the top to string ribbon through.

One sheet of tissue at a time, carefully start to separate and fluff up each sheet. Continue doing this step until the entire ball is fluffy and separated!

Hang and enjoy!!!

To make smaller sized simply cut your tissue paper smaller making them thinner. Not shorter! The red line above shows where I cut to make smaller balls.

I wish these stored better!I would have loved to have kept these!They are just so beautiful!They make my heart smile!

The large yellow paper fans were made out of Wallpaper! I used a similar technique in the tutorial found HERE!!


A place to call {HOME!} For fabric that is!

I love a good Before and After!!!

I have been on the hunt for a good Dresser and hutch to transform! I was desperate to find a home for all my fabric! I love the idea of having my fabric organized and beautiful and on display ready to inspire me every time I walk into my Craft Room! My new happiness is for sure
an inspiration!

I found these two mismatched pieces at my local Thrift Store!
The Hutch was $25 and the Dresser $35.

Both were constructed with care and would serve me well. We just had to get over the fact that they were dated and let’s be honest UGLY!

I gladly welcomed the challenge and set off to find the perfect color! I followed my Furniture Refinishing Steps I have listed HERE and got to work!

A few hours later I had a sparkling new piece of furniture ready to be put to work!

So I filled her up with pretty folds of fat quarters and yards of cotton! Her drawers house my collection of Felt and even more fabric! This baby makes finding what I need a breeze!

I save all my scraps and in the buckets they go…

I was in heaven sorting and folding and organizing all my fabric! I just sat back and gazed at it all when I was done! I love her!!! My little home of all things soft and bright! She lives in the corner of “My” corner of our home! My craft room is my domain! My refuge! My inspiration!!!

More about my Craft/Creative space to come!