Severed Fingers

Check out these babies…

Oooooh!!!! Spooooooky!

I made severed fingers over the weekend! I wish I worked in an office because you know I’d slip one of these guys into a co workers desk just for kicks and giggles!

Wanna’ make some? I know you do!

Go get yourself some of this:

  • Art Plaster, use a coupon!
  • some small plastic disposable cups
  • You know that stuff your dentist used to make molds of your teeth as you try your hardest not to choke, drool and die! It’s called ALGINATE. I asked my dentist if I could buy some off him and he was happy to help! I paid $10 for a jar. You can do an online search as well!

First mix up equal parts Alginet and water. Use cold water. Warm and hot water will make it settle up too quickly. Stick your fingers in the goo!

After two minutes you should be able to pull your fingers out leaving perfect molds of your wrinkly little digits!

Mix the art plaster according to the instructions and pour it into your finger hole molds!

ok…now don’t totally laugh but I made a video of how to extract the fingers from the mold! Yes it took us like 10 takes! Yes I could not stop laughing! and YES I was holding a baby while I was filming! But for the sake of this post I’ll let you all see it! Please forgive my pronunciation of “Finger!” I know! Sadly this was the best take!

I let my fingers set for about an hour before I popped them out of the molds and
this is how they looked! Pretty cool huh!?!

I then dusted them with eyeshadow to give them a more realistic look.

And now they sit under a glass dome waiting to freak someone out!



  1. 1
    Amy M in Indiana says:

    OMGosh! These are awesome!! I so want to make some of these!

  2. 2
    Paws To Admire says:

    That is so funny! Gross.. but funny! lol You should put some red lipstick on the ends to make it look like blood where they were "cut off"! :)

  3. 3
    Lee the Hot Flash Queen says:

    I love that!! What a great idea!!

  4. 4

    Where in the world did you get all of your brilliance from?! Honestly, it's astounding.

    I'm over here avoiding that Alginasty for all my life and you find a way to bring it home with you! To great effect(affect?) I might add….

    I'll just bet your jeans ALWAYS look great on you, too. I just bet.

    • 5

      Lan Æ¡i, mở hàng bán ĭ¡ú‘u với giá, cho bõ công luôn Mà sao nhìn em làm chị cÅ©ng muốn làm theo

  5. 6

    This is a great idea!!! I love your blog!

    By the way…noticed a Visiting Teaching reference… the Vampire bars are a great idea for VT gifts.

  6. 7

    Too funny! You'll have to leave one on a plate of cookies too!

  7. 8
    Infarrantly Creative says:

    Those are freakishly real looking. Great tutorial. I love how you asked your dentist for some of that stuff. That made me laugh.

  8. 9

    I Love it! Those are awesome!

  9. 10

    Freaky! Wow, the pranks I could pull …

  10. 11
    Susie Jefferson says:

    How fabulous! What a brilliant idea… shame I don't know anyone to play this trick on. The UK is only just catching on to Halloween, unfortunately (we're way behind on this kind of thing – what we have is Guy Fawkes Night, aka Bonfire Night, on 5th November).

  11. 12

    You rock! You must be the coolest mom ever! My boys would love this grossness… LOL! You amaze me by all the things that you create. Spooktacular!

  12. 13

    LOVE these!

  13. 14
    Crafts and Deals says:

    You come up with the cutest stuff!!

  14. 15

    wow. completely awesome. I will definitely have to add those to my "spooky table". Great ideas.

  15. 16
    Philip, Melissa, & Summer says:

    That is so awesome. I have to make some and send them in the mail to my mom.

  16. 17

    Those are awesome!!

  17. 18

    totally creepy becks! Jason made a whole hand for me like that for valentines day…it was in the I{heart}you sign! I should have him bring some more of that stuff home so I can make some!

  18. 19

    How cool! They look alot like the Martha Stewart fingers from these really cool Halloween party invitation I had bought on clearance at Michael's last year and forgot about! Now I can make my own! Thanks!

  19. 20

    Those are SO. COOL. And I love that you took a video of this, just fantastic! I'll be linking.

  20. 21

    Very VERY cute!! And you are so clever. I think they need a little fake dried blood at the end though…

  21. 22

    Very cool idea and yep they look like cold dead fingers!! Thanks for sharing!!

  22. 23
    My Big Mouth says:

    I love these!
    They turned out awesome!!
    This is a very neat idea,thanks for sharing!!!

  23. 24

    THose are great!! They remind of of this Frightful Witch Finger cookie recipe that I recently made:

  24. 25

    I loved them. You just needed to add some "blood" to the severed end!

  25. 26

    I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

  26. 27
    Anonymous says:

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  27. 28
    Something Wilde says:

    Awesome! And to think I picked up the premade ones at Michael's today. I may have to return and have my own fun!

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