Freaky Friday: "Infarrantly Creative"

It’s Freaky Friday again and today’s guest blogger is Beckie from
“Infarrantly Creative!”

Her blog is over flowing with goodness and she’s given me full access to raid her blog and hand pick my favorite tutorials! I am thrilled to share with you some of my favorite finds from over at Infarrantly Creative!

Shall we…

Check out her Puppet Theater!

Any kid would go nuts to have one of these to play with!

I love a good recycling project so of course I’m a fan of this Cereal Box Mosaic

I LOVE these Cotton Ball Bracelets! The colored ones are my favorite!

And with Christmas is striking distance I had to show off her wonderful skills of packaging items that would make the perfect little gifts or favors…

Her Tic Tac Holders!

Trident Gum Holders!

They have Neighbor gifts, teacher gifts and “Send a gift to your favorite blogger” gifts written all over then!!!Wink wink!!

Thanks Beckie for letting me brag for you! Be sure to jump on over to Infarrantly Creative and get inspired!


A Thankful Thanksgiving Activity!

Believe it or not it’s already time to start gearing up for the next Holiday on the list! Thanksgiving is just around the corner and even if we’re weeks away from eating ourselves into comas it’s fun to start thinking of ways to enjoy this “Thankful” time of year!

Today I was thrilled to open a cool email from my Aunt Bug! Better then a chain letter and way more useful then a political joke… she sent me this wonderful activity to do with our family to help us remember how blessed we are! Here’s my take on this fun idea…

Thanksgiving Thankful Countdown


1. Click HERE to get the download for the printable Thankful ideas!
2. Cut out each Thankful idea and mount it on card stock!

3. Place the idea cards into a jar. I decorated my lid with fabric, twine and a fall leaf!

4. Every day draw out one card and do what it suggests!

What a fun way to get the kids excited about being grateful!And Don’t worry! I won’t tell anyone if you stuff the jar full of ideas that include being grateful for YOU that may result in foot rubs, showers of Chocolate and Diet Cokes! WINK WINK!!

Download Created by Valerie Lee!
Thanks SugarDoodle for the great Down Loadable activity!


Scrap Fabric Bracelets

I’m excited to share a fun, easy and affordable project with you today! First you’ll need to raid your little girls dress up jewelery! Quick! She’s not looking!!! This fun scrap fabric bracelet project uses plastic bangle bracelets and scrap fabric and buttons (optional!). Don’t laugh but the bracelets I’m using came from a Barbi Happy Meal from McDonald’s! FINALLY a Happy Meal toy I didn’t want to throw away right away!!!

You will need: Bracelets, a glue gun and glue sticks, fabric and
buttons if you’d like to adorn your bracelets!

First cut long strips approximately 1/2 ” x 12″ or longer!

Starting on the inside of our bracelet we are going to glue on an end of our fabric strip!

Wrap your fabric around the bracelet pulling it tight!
Completely cover the bracelet and finish it by gluing the end of your fabric strip on the inside!

Make a set to wear together! Lightweight, interchangeable and so comfortable! Now I only wish I let me kids at McDonald’s more often!!!

I added some vintage buttons to this one for a little more detail!

I’m addicted I tell ya!!! I need to make more!


No Sew Fabric Bunting Banner!

This here little labor of love is something I like to call my 4th child!!! Seeing as it took me 6 plus hours to birth it I think it qualifies don’t you!!!

Honestly this was a never ending project! Over the course of 4 days I cut, sorted and stapled my heart out but the results were more then worth it!

Raid your fabric scraps and collect a wide variety of prints! As you can see there are a ton of different fabrics here! Let’s just say I was more then happy to finally find a use for
some of my awful fabric I had in my craft room! Yes the thought “Why would I ever
buy this?” did come to mind…many times!

Cut them up into square or rectangle shapes. The size and shape varied! This is a no measure sort of project! The more random the better!

I found it much easier to make a stack of alternating fabrics. Instead of leaning in and picking a fabric one at a time I randomly stacked mine and had them in arms reach as I attached each one!

Get yourself a big ol’ ball of twine!

Fold each piece of fabric over and staple a few times! Be sure to get at least one staple through the twine so it keeps that piece in place keeping it from sliding on the twine.

Repeat the stapling part about…oh… 1,239,058 more times and then you too can have a 4th child to call you’re very own!!!

I swear, no joke this thing is the length of a football field!

Because I used fabric I already had this entire Bunting banner only cost me $2.39!
The cost of the twine!

It looked so pretty hanging in my back yard I kept it up for days! Sadly now it’s been retired! It’s waiting for the next celebration or for someone to borrow it! Hint hint friends!!!


Heather Bailey Fabric Flowers

It’s no secret That I HEART Heather Bailey! Meeting her in person defiantly is up there on my list of awesome moments in my life! I adore anything Heather Bailey! Her style! Her fabric of course! Her projects! She is completely inspiring!

I fell pretty hard for her Fabric Scrap Flowers and she was all to kind to include a free “How To” on her blog! Check it out HERE.So naturally I jumped right in and started crankin’ them out!

This first set is made with Old School IKEA Fabric. Glad I saved my scraps from 2003!

Nearly all the fabric I used in these flowers was bought from my favorite Fabric Store “The Material Girls Quilt Shop” In South Jordan, UT. They have the best selection and of course their Heather Bailey fabric runneth over!

And lastly I created a few for Halloween! Finally I was able to use an IBC Soda cap I have been holding onto for who knows how long!

Super easy! Super inexpensive!!! The perfect little adornment for a sweater, a hair do, a pretty little package!The possibilities are endless!!!


Blue Cricket Design Facebook launch!

That’s right!!! I’m launching a Facebook Page for
Blue cricket Design!!!

Come become a fan! Why Facebook you may ask?
It’s only the coolest networking site out there!

Blue Cricket on Facebook is going to be my verbal platform! I’ll announce giveaways, Special blogging guests in advance, my frustrations and joys! It will be a great place to get the 411 on the inner working of BCD! A few previews, maybe some discussions! Come check it out!!!

Click the button to become a fan!!


Magic Halloween Bag

Magic Halloween Bag!!!

One of my roommates in College has a wonderful family tradition! After Trick or Treating her kids leave their Halloween candy on the front porch and “Magically” it turns into a prize in the morning! I fell in love with the idea!!! I can’t stand all the candy after the holiday! There is just too much! So I am adding to this fun tradition and I have created a “Magic Halloween Bag” to put the candy in! You could also simply make this bag for Trick or Treating! It beats the Pillow case I always used as a kid! They are just so darling!!!

Let’s get started…

For this project you’ll need a variety of Halloween Fabrics. I bought 7 prints all 1/4 of a yard. You will also need a yard of a fabric for the lining of the bag. I bought my fabric at Walmart and all together it only cost me $6

Cut each print in strips the width of the fabric. Vary your strip size for a fun random look.

Lay your cut strips out alternating the colors and prints and create your pattern. Start sewing the strips together until they are all sewn together!

Press this finished section with an Iron.

I used Ric Rack and other ribbon and added then throughout the strips. I sewed mine on with a zig zag stitch!

Now we are going to sew the finished section onto the lining of the bag. Be sure to place the striped section face down onto the lining fabric and pin it in place.

Sew the fabrics together leaving a small opening where you will then turn the bag right side out!

Press again with an Iron.

Adding the drawstring is easy! Lay a piece of ribbon that is longer then the width of the bag onto the top of the bag. Fold over an inch of fabric and pin in place!

Sew a straight stitch to encase the ribbon.

Fold the bag in half with the stripes on the inside and sew the sides together leaving the top open. Be careful not to sew the drawstring closed.

Turn it right side out and there you go!!!

I made up a Poem to go along with our new family tradition of trading in our candy! I will print it out on fun Halloween Paper and laminate it and then attach it to the drawstring.

It’s always fun to Trick or Treat!
With lots of yummy things to eat!

Like M & M’s and Licorice,

Handfuls from a candy dish!
But all that candy can’t be great!
It might give you a tummy ache.
So toss it in,
And close it tight!
And when you go to sleep at night
This magic bag has a surprise!
It turns your candy into a PRIZE!


LOVE in the form of a roll, sprinked with cinnamon and topped with icing!

If love had a taste it would taste like this!
Ooey Gooey Yummy warm cinnamon rolls! 

Stop licking the monitor!!! You too can create these little lovelies!

I’ve been blessed with some amazing things in my life! Health, an incredible family, the ability to color my own hair and out of this world friends who know how to work magic in the kitchen!

Last year I scored big at our Church Service auction!! A one on one lesson on how to make these drool inducers! My friend Debbie, a.k.a. Kitchen Goddess, is an Incredible cook! She not only taught me how to make cinnamon rolls she taught me how to
impress my family, spontaneously make my husband give me back massages for sweet treats and up my status as a wonderful neighbor! In other words… If you really want to impress someone all you need to do is bake these!

Shall we jump in!

Debbie’s Sweet Rolls!

1/2 cup warm water ( like baby’s bottle)
4 1/2 tsp. yeast

  • Put yeast and water in a small bowl together and set aside.

1/2 cup sugar
2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup shortening
2 eggs

  • Mix sugar, salt, shortening and egg in large bowl at med. speed.
  • Add 1 1/2 cups warm milk and mix well.
  • Add 3 cups of Flour and mix well.
  • Add Yeast mixture and mix one more time.
  • Add 2 cups Flour.
  • ( If you are using a Kitchen Aid switch from a beater attachment to your dough hook.)
  • Add small amounts of Flour at a time until it just barely sticks to the side of the bowl.
  • Let rise in bowl until it doubles in size. About 45-60 minutes.

  • Place dough on floured surface and punch down.
  • Roll out dough into a rectangular shape that is 1/2 inch tick.
  • Brush dough with melted butter.
  • Spread generous amounts of Cinnamon sugar on.

  • Roll up and slice with thread. about 1 – 1 1/2 thick.

  • Placed on greased cookie sheet and let rise until doubled.
  • Preheat oven to 350 and bake for 10-20 minutes or until light golden brown.
  • Remove and let cool!

And don’t think the goodness stops there!! Oh no my friends! As hard as it is going to be not to burn our tongues, let’s practice patience and whip up some of Debbie’s Cream
Cheese Frosting shall we…

Cream Cheese Frosting!

1/4 cup Butter
1/4 cup Cream Cheese

Soften and mix together then add:

2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1-2 teaspoon milk

Mix until smooth and frost!

No joke theses are the best! I mean the best! If you have ever been intimidated to make such a treat now’s the time to give it a try! This recipe is crowd please!

Thanks Debbie for a. allowing me to share this amazing recipe and b. being an even more amazing friend!!! Love ya!

No get baking people! And save me one would ‘ya!

( sorry for the HUGE type at the end! Blogger hates me sometimes!)


Carnival Entrance

This Carnival Entrance is super easy and super Cheap… I mean affordable!! WINK WINK!!

Here is what you need:

Two ten foot pieces of PVC pipe cut to size ( measure your gate first!) two long pieces and one short piece for the top!
Two corner PVC Pipe connectors
Three Plastic Table Cloths from the Dollar store!
Ribbon to tie the curtains back

Total Cost: $6.50

Take each plastic Table Cloth and fold the end over 2 inches and sew a casing
to slide the pipe into.

Cut each table cloth in half.

Once you have sewn and cut each table cloth, slide them onto the short pipe
alternating the colors!

Tie the finished pipe onto your fence and tie each side back!

I told you it was easy!


Fall flower Arrangement!

One more little known fact about me…

I’m not only an amazing mom!!! hehehe!
And a fantastic cook!!! Ha ha ha!!!
And an incredible seamstress! Hardy har har!!!

I’m also a “Florist!”
I haven’t done it since we moved here two years ago! I never got around to getting my Business license for Utah! But I have done a few weddings in my day!

I came across these Fall arrangements I “Once upon a time” created and man it makes me want to get my Thorn ripper out and start arranging again!

These are pretty easy to create. I used a foam pumpkin I picked up at a craft store and hollowed it out. I inserted a vase and threw some fall flowers in!

I love fresh flowers in my house! I need to revisit this one again!

HERE is some more of my work I’ve done in the past!