Stay ‘N Play Blanket

Back in the day when I crafted for cash (or the dream of cash!!!) I was always finding people telling me how lucky my own family must be for having such a crafty mom. I’d smile and laugh and die a little inside as the guilt ate away at me! I NEVER made anything for my own family. I was too busy making things for a boutique or for a friends baby shower to ever
whip something up for our own use.

Here’s one of those projects I could really use about now. I have a 5 month old who rolls around all day long in search of a toy that’s just beyond her reach.

I invented the “Stay ‘N Play” blanket and gave my first one away over two years ago. Too bad I never made one for myself.

The idea behind this little gem is to have a place on a soft warm blanket to clip toys to. I sewed on 4 tabs, one on each corner to allow rings and other linkable toys to become attached.

I sewed fun 1/2″ straight diagonal lines threw my fabric and thin batting and finished the biding with ready to use silk blanket edging.

Here’s one I made for a friend’s little boy. On this one I used soft flannel on one side and a cotton print on the other. I sewed the 4 tabs on the flannel side and also added one tab on the cotton side for when the blanket is used in a stroller and the soft side is tucked in around the baby. That way you can still attach links and keep their toys from falling out of the stroller.

I think it’s about time I treated my own little one to a “Stay ‘N Play” of her very own. Lucky for her mama has a stash of fabric calling her name right about now!

( eeek. That was hard(!) oops…that looks like a butt. Anyway… It was brought to my attention that someone didn’t like all the !!!!!!! I haphazardly use in my writing.Just for her I kept it to a conservative 2 this go around. Please don’t not visit because my excitement and joy some times gets the best of me. Bad habit, honest portrayal of my inner gushing or what have you, I am a pretty expressive and happy person. If one symbol were to ever describe me it would be the all mighty exclamation mark!
So to all you English teachers and lovers of proper punctuation I apologize. I’ll try to cut back. And while we’re on the subject of my tiny flaws… I do know how to spell the word “THE” I just type too fast it always comes out Teh. And for the record…YES I’m a horrible speller but I can blame most of my mistakes on my just as poor, typing skills!

I make up for my lack of spelling and typing skills with my incredible Humility and sense of humor! WINK!!!!! just had to do it.



  1. 1
    Embellished Bayou says:

    This is a fabulous idea…what a great gift! You'd better get crackin' making some stuff for your own little one!

  2. 2
    AquarianJwl says:

    I never mind the exclamation marks. But I guess it's because I, too, am guilty of using them all the time. I just get so excited about stuff, that's what I want to express. I mean, there are worse things you can do. LIKE TYPE IN ALL CAPS, FOR INSTANCE!!! The one thing I am trying to break myself of, though… is that! … … … I will totally dot dot dot myself to death!!! :)
    ~ AquarianJwl

  3. 3

    I Love all the !!!! Don't change it! I'm horrible at spelling and hardly notice your mistakes! BAD SPELLERS UNTIE!

    yes I did that one on purpose! : )

  4. 4

    love the idea, i might have to make one now myself. melissa is right, bad spellers unite as well as us non capitol users and dot dot doters…i am guilty of it all.

  5. 5
    Anne - mommyhastowork says:

    Such sweet stuff!!

    Visiting and following from MBC

  6. 6
    Brandon & Natalie says:

    You're happy enthusiastic !!!! make me excited to, it's half the reason I follow your blog :) I like someone who is, ummmm, lets say as 'excitable' as I am!!! My guilty writing flaw is smiley faces :) everywhere :)

    Thanks for you blogging happiness!!!

  7. 7

    hmmmm….looks familiar! kate definitely got some good use out of that! Sadly, Jason refuses to let blake play on a flowery mat!

  8. 8
    Steph @ somewhatsimple says:

    so cute!

    and did someone really say you used too many exclamation points?

    great, I wonder what they are saying about me! I use them too, and I can't spell either!

  9. 9

    that is too cute, but everything you do is. Love it! Thanks for all the awesome inspiration.

  10. 10
    a little bit vintage says:

    SO, so cute!

  11. 11
    Chips and Salsa with Beans says:

    Stopping over from Crap I've Made.
    Love the blanket idea! Super cute!!!

    Guilty pleasures: exclamation marks and show tunes

  12. 12
    Miss Madison's Mommy says:

    I totally feeling that blanket for my 5 month old daughter! too bad I don't sew…..but grammmy does! Ha!!!!!!!!! Love your blog! *wink*

  13. 13

    hmmmmm.. I love this idea!!!!!! And I really don't mind all the exclamation points. I didn't notice them, actually. I can't believe someone mentioned that to you!!! Personally, I like 3.

    I just bought some baby rings to attatch toys to "stuff", but a blanket is perfect.

  14. 14
    Camie Rae Coles says:

    Hey! I love your invention here! I made a few and posted about it here:

    Thank you so much for sharing! You're amazing!!

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