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Fall Mantle Makeover Part Two: Bleeding Candles

Bleeding Candles

Not sure why but every time I hit up my local Thrift stores they always have a large collection of Brass Candle stick holders! I finally found a great way to put them to use…

For this project you’ll need a few candle stick holders, red candles and Black spray paint (which I already had!) I payed .50- $1 for each of these and only 50 cents for each candle.
Lovin’ the cheap factor here!!!

Spray Paint the Candle Stick holders Black!

After they are dried put your candle in the holder and spray paint the Red candles Black as well!

Once the Candles are dry you can now burn them and watch the red wax drip through the paint and resenble blood!


Add a few spiderwebs and just like that you’ve added one more Halloween decoration!
Total cost:$3.25

I would have loved to have found a Candelabra to do this to but no such luck! If any of you do this with a Candelabra PLEASE send me a photo!!! I think it would look soooo great!


Fall Mantle Makeover: Part one!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get all my Fall Decorations up! Each year when I unpack my decorations I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas morning!

Every year I add to my collection! This year I created this fun Fall Garland!

Super Easy and Super Cheap!

First I had to work my magic on a set of Crape Paper Leaves I picked up at the Dollar Store!


These sweet little reminders of Autumn were a wee bit boring and plain for my taste but you couldn’t beat the price! A ten pack for $1!!!SCORE!

I spruced them up by painting on a burnt yellow color and making them look more veiny. I added a few more shades of Autumn hues and sprayed on some Gold Glitter!

Now these puppies are ready to be hung!


I attached 6 leaves to a swagged piece of ribbon!
I used two pieces of fabric ( about 1/4 of a yard each) and cut them into approximately 1″ x 9″ strips.
Alternating the fabric, I tied then onto the ribbon!

And that’ll do it folks!

Be on the look out for Part Two of my Mantle Makeover!!!


Witch’s Lunch!

Halloween! By far my favorite Holiday! Everything about it I absolutely adore!
The decorations! The treats! The Spookiness of it all!

It’s time to get our Spook on here at Blue Cricket! I’m ready to post about all the things I love most about this time of year! Look forward to decorating ideas, party fun, pumpkin carving and so much more! I’ll be featuring my favorite finds for the Holiday!

Let’s dive in…

Last year I hosted a little Witch’s Lunch for my girls and their friends! I was in heaven! Honestly I think I was more into this then they were! I created Halloween treats and we sat down to a kid friendly meal that was a huge hit!

Witches Brew: Limeade with plastic spiders and Gummy worms!

Spider Eggs: Tater Tots and Plastic Spiders!

Shrunken Heads: Peeled Apples and licorice!

Mummy’s: Hot Dogs wrapped in Pillsbury Croissants that were first cut into strips.

A new family tradition was born! This year I’m on the hunt for more festive dishes and treats to serve at our Witch’s lunch!

Send me your favorite edible ideas! They may be featured in an upcoming “Readers Rock!” post where I’ll feature submitted ideas from YOU!

Happy first day of FALL!


For your viewing enjoyment!

My family and I were on “Family Feud” a few years ago and we still get random emails from people telling us they just saw us on reruns! We were a 5 time returning family so there’s a weeks worth of “Box Family” moments of us making fools of ourselves! It’s been a great source of classic jokes… I know! I have a few answers that I still can’t live down!!!

So for your viewing enjoyment I thought I’d put a voice with a face! Here is a clip from our first episode of Family Feud. There are a few more clips on you tube but this ones a family favorite….can you tell why?

Our team consisted of my husband. my sister and her husband and my brother!


Birthday Cakes

I’m in total Birthday Mode!!! I’ve been crankin’ out decorations and trying to get everything squared away for the huge Birthday Bash we have planned for this weekend for BOTH my girls! It’s crunch time people!!! Fabric bunting 1/4 mile long! Tissue Paper Balls! Carnival signs! I can’t wait till this weekend is over!

This will be the first year I don’t do a “special” cake for a party! I’ll be making The Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes for the party and a “special” cake on their actual birthdays just for us to enjoy!

I had to laugh at some of their previous cakes I’ve tried my hand at…

The first one was my attempt at a frog! My Father in law said it looked like Oscar the grouch! OUCH!

Don’t laugh at my castle!!! Cricket loved it and that’s all that mattered!

I’m at a loss for what sort of cake to make this year! I need two totally wonderful ideas. Tell me what to do! Send me links, pictures , ideas!!! I need your help!

My oldest daughter’s birthday is next Friday so send them fast!!! I’m up for anything!!


The "Hub"

I’m secretly addicted to staying organized! It’s a secret because on some days if you were to pop in you’d find my life and my home far from organized…like right about now!!!( Huge birthday party this weekend = panic mode over here= less then ideal living conditions! So basically what I’m trying to say is DON’T pop in unexpectedly!!)

Anywho… I’m also addicted to making lists!! I love to see that mile long list of my “To Do’s” staring back at me! I almost get a rush as I cross something off and make my way down my tasks one at a time!

I made my “Hub” a while back! It’s my go to station for all things I need to keep track of and stay on top of!

These labeled magnets help me sort my priorities. Simple Vinyl on painted thin wood glued to two magnets. I chose different fonts because…well that’s just me I guess!

7 different to do lists!!! It’s like Heaven on earth people!!!

It’s a pretty huge magnet board!I bought an ugly framed picture of a horse from my local thrift store and tossed the picture. I painted the frame and inserted a sheet of metal I picked up from Home Depot. I had to cut it done to fit with Tin Snips! I used Liquid nails to adhere it. All in all the Hub cost me about $30.

Here are my girls behavior cards! Do I use them? No! Should I take them down? Probably. Will I? Maybe if I put it on my to do list I’ll remember to!

And NO! My Hub doesn’t look this organized right now. I need to get on the ball and whip it back into shape! It seriously keeps me on track and motivated!

And I know it seems a waste to use all that paper to make lists!!! I’m a “GREEN” kind of gal so I use the back sides of those “Val Pack”mailers to make my lists on! They come every week in the mail and I like to get some sort of use out of them! Who needs 12 ads for 12 different local dentists and dry cleaners!


My Heather Baily Encounter plus a Giveaway!!!

I told my husband last night at dinner…

” If I died tonight babe I’d be a happy woman! “

he responded…” Just because you meet Heather Bailey?!!”

I smiled back and nodded but also added because I’m so blessed to have a rock star hubby and amazing kids!!!But yeah… Heather Bailey encounters have a way of making life feel pretty darn wonderful!

She is as beautiful and welcoming as I imagined her. She made everyone feel like we were all just hanging out.It was like catching up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years! She was simply adorable! Watching her excitement was contagious as she showed her latest creations. She even shared with us her sketch book where all her patterns were born!
If your reading this Heather I kid you not… If you ever get tired working with fabric (please never do!!!) you could make your mark in the tattooing world!!! Your sketching skills are out of this world!!!

Here she is showing us her sketch book.

Funny but as I was looking at page after page of her amazing work I could only think about what a treasure that book must mean to her. Years and years and years from now that will be one of her Great Great Granddaughters most cherished reminders! Thanks for sharing it with us Heather!!

Look at all her yummy creations…

That sweet little turtle pin cushion is something to look forward to!!!

And look at this awesome flower!!

You can find a step by step free tutorial on her fabulous blog

HELLO my name is Heather

They are so easy! I’ve been making them all weekend!

And now for the HEATHER BAILEY Giveaway…

I couldn’t go and enjoy all this excitement and not think of you! I was sure to snag some awesome prizes any creator would love! And the fact that Heather herself signed
them is beyond cool!

I have two great prizes to give away!

First…an autographed PINEAPPLE BROCADE – ice Fat Quarter

and an autographed Apple Pincushion Kit

Two winners will be chosen at random and the winners will be announced
this Sunday Sept. 20th!

Here’s how to enter to win.

Leave one comment per entry.
(this makes it easy for me to use random.org when I chose my winners!)

  1. Tell me about any Heather Bailey fabrics you love or projects you have done using her amazing patterns or prints! Or tell me what you love from her fabric lines. Here is a link to her store!
  2. Add my button to your blog! You can grab it on the left hand side of my blog!
  3. Let me know which prize you would prefer!Both are awesome right!?! I’ll try to accommodate if you are a winner!
  4. Become a follower or tell me you already are!

Thanks Heather for an amazing afternoon! You are such an inspiration! I will never forget it!!!!

(Dude! My face looks fat!!Ignore me and just enjoy HB!)

By the way… I am addicted to her “trash Ties” hair accessories!!!Check ‘em out in her store!
The link is above.


Cupcake Love!

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cupcake! My daughters birthday party is next weekend and I am convinced that I am going to nail it in the cupcake department! Thanks to some experts in the field of baking and a little innovation on my part I have what I hope will be
the perfect confection…

I used this recipe for the perfect “Domed” Vanilla cupcake from over at “Cake Journal!”
I could not believe the difference in the dome!!! It really is the best recipe I have yet to find to get that all impressive high dome prefect for frosting! Cake Journal gives some great tips on how to achieve a high dome and she gives credit to the vanilla recipe she found at
The Joy of Baking!

I came up with the icing recipe! I knew what I wanted …

a bright PINK color
A smooth glassy finish
and flavor that would be obvious and compliment the vanilla cupcake!

I achieved that in a big bold way!!!

Here is my recipe for the icing:

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup cream cheese
2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons milk

and the secret flavor and color enhancer….

wait for it…

wait for it….

1 1/2 Tablespoons Strawberry Jello!!!
( you could add any flavor Jello to get a vibrant hue and great taste!)

Soften and mix together the butter and cream cheese.
add the reaming ingredient until smooth.

I dipped my 100% cooled cupcakes into the icing to get a smooth glassy finish.

Aren’t they beautiful!?!


Heather Bailey

I barely slept a wink last night!!! I had this Pretty little Lady on my mind all night long!!! In t-minus 4 hours I’ll be meeting my Creative Idol Heather Bailey!!!! She is beyond beautiful and inspiring! It’s like a dream come true ! She’s the creator of my favorite fabric line and will be appearing for a “Meet and Greet” at my favorite Fabric store!Could my day get any BETTER!

Be sure to check out her website!

If I don’t totally embarrass myself with over enthusiastic gushing and what not’s I’ll consider the visit a success… Photos to come!!!

What to wear? What to wear!!!?