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There is plenty to look forward to here on Blue Cricket Design!

“Show and Tell”: Be sure to come and enjoy our linking party every Wednesday here on BCD! Link your latest projects, before and afters, tutorials and recipes! Add our “Show and Tell” button to your blog so others can come and join in! Not only will you be able to show off your latest creations, you will also be inspired by all the other amazing links!

“Readers ROCK” is my chance to highlight some of my favorite finds! I often jump on over to my readers own blogs via their comments or their links in our “Show and Tell” linking party and am blown away by their awesome skills! I hand pick my favorite and dedicate a post just to them! So link and comment often! You too could be featured here!

“Freaky Friday” is a chance for us to meet other totally awesome, amazing, Awe inspiring, fantastic and cool creators! We switch blogs for the day and introduce ourselves to each
others audience! A guest blogger posts on my blog and I can be found posting on theirs! We share our favorite past projects or a new tutorial and invite our new friends to come visit us back at our home base! It’s a great way to link creative communities!

Be sure to check past “Freaky Friday” posts to meet all the amazing creators that have been featured on a “Freaky Friday” blog swap!

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    I followed Tidymom's link over to here and I love your site!!!
    I am marking you in my favories and will be back quite often!
    Keep up the good work!

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